Almost Famous

Almost Famous Leeds

I didn’t really want to write this as a proper review, just as I didn’t take nearly enough photos to justify it but this is one of those places which needs shouting about.

Most people from Leeds seem to have already heard of Almost Famous as it’s one of those ‘OMG have you been, you need to go there’ places. My lovely friend Jenna asked me if I fancied trying it for lunch and after checking out their Instagram, I jumped at the chance.

I’ll throw it out there now, this isn’t really a vegetarian friendly place. Pretty much everything is meat. Sorry.

Almost Famous is one of those places which makes weird combinations work. I had a burger which had frazzle crisps in. Jenna had a burger with a strawberry pop tart on the top and cheerios inside. See what I mean? Sounds weird, yet it really world. It’s like one step up from a doughnut burger.

We were chatting to the waitress about the weird burger combinations and one of their previous specials had an oreo icecream sandwich in it. Apparently this really confused a lot of people but they’d put it on top of the burger, wedged on the skewer that holds it together. As y’know, icecream in a burger would melt. Obviously.

Admittedly, their dessert game isn’t that strong, with only a few things on the menu, but in all honesty, it’s unlikely you’d go and ever have room for dessert. We decided to have a shake afterwards instead which was more than enough for us!

If you’re in Leeds, I’d definitely recommend a trip there if you fancy something massive but a bit different. Price-wise, Jenna and I paid £40 in total for two burgers, waffle fries topped with pulled pork, two large soft drinks and two shakes, which isn’t at all bad I thought given the quantity of food we had. It’s definitely not diet friendly and it’s the place to be when you’re either hungover or willing to accept you might gain a stone.

Have you been to Almost Famous? Are you now tempted to go?

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