23 going on 70.

23 Going on 70

I genuinely believe that I’m old before my time. Is this a sign that I’ve reached the dreaded adulthood?

At the age of 23, living the single life dream in my own flat, in a big city, you’d like to think I’d lead the party lifestyle. Oh how wrong you would be. It’s actually laughable how far away my life is from that young professional lifestyle that Cosmopolitan magazine promised me I’d have the moment I moved into my own place after university. All those promises of glam midweek drinks in cocktail bars, early morning yoga sessions and a shit-hot yet entirely versatile working wardrobe aren’t quite what I have going on right now.

I make plans of ‘do nothing’ every few weekends and stick to it.

I do lunch with friends instead of nights out.

If I know I’m going on an occasional night out, I try and have two days to recover. (I realised I was properly old when I started booking annual leave on a Monday when I knew I would have a heavy Saturday).

I turn down afternoons in the pub to go to the gym.*

I make a point of actually drinking 2 litres of water a day and at least attempt to not drink diet coke daily for the fear of my insides rotting.

I’ve become someone who values sleep so much that I try to stick to similar sleeping habits on weekends as I’ve come to realise that Saturday all-nighters aren’t worth that horrific ‘shit that’s my alarm and I’d rather throw my phone into burning hell fire than get up’ feeling on a Monday morning.

I choose clothes based on a combination of comfort and whether they’re either stripy or denim. I do this even though it regularly puts me at risk of turning up to work in an identical outfit to someone else. In fact, that happened to me on a date once – not cool.

So there we are. I think I skipped adulthood and went straight to pensioner. Don’t be surprised if I start going to bingo or start handing out Werther’s Originals. They say life begins at 60, right?

*Just so you know, I only do this for personal training sessions, as cancelling something that’s been booked in for a week is just rude.

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