What I did in Dublin

Short break in Dublin

I’m the worst at writing guide-style posts so I won’t bore you with every little detail. You may have seen my excessive travel spam from earlier this week plastered all over every social media channel I have (yep, I was THAT person) and you may have guessed that I was in Dublin (BY MYSELF!!) for three days. Three whole days of solo hols that I loved every second of.

I’ll be writing posts about Dublin for The Solo Project with jazzy things about what it’s like to be all alone whilst flying and in a hotel and dining out etc, so this is more what I did and what was great etc, attraction-wise.

I bought a Dublin Pass as it was about 40 euro (why does this bloody laptop not have a euro sign on the keyboard?!), and it got me into the three attractions I wanted to go to. As I arrived Monday afternoon and left Wednesday lunchtime, I had Tuesday to see as much of the city as I could.

I headed out and caught the Dublin sightseeing bus to the Guinness Storehouse. This was good but as it’s a take yourself around kind of place, the whole ‘how to make Guinness’ bit passed me by. The best bit of course is the Guinness Academy where you get to learn how to pull a pint. FYI, I’m now a pro and have a certificate to prove it. I took my pint up to the 7th floor bar which had stunning views of Dublin and realised before I’d even drunk half that I was consuming essentially my second meal of the day and left it there.

I jumped back on the sightseeing bus and headed to my next stop, Dublin Zoo. As it was midweek and out of season, it was a pretty weird experience being in such a popular tourist attraction with so few other people and no kids running around. I must admit, this is the one time where I thought it would have been more fun with someone else there as I did start getting bored halfway round. 

The lions were pretty cool though – one jumped up at the glass when he thought food was coming. Apparently they get very aggressive when they want to be fed so clearly lions are my spirit animal. Unfortunately, the lion didn't photograph well, thankfully, this tiger did and this giraffe seemed pretty sassy too, just sticking his tongue out all casual.

After the zoo, I went to my last stop which was the Old Jameson Distillery. Though their main production is now located out of Dublin, they still have one of the original buildings where they do tours for visitors, followed by a tasting. This was definitely a highlight for me as I felt like I was properly engaging with it, rather than wandering round. Jameson is definitely a new fave for me, and I’d recommend the tour to anyone who’s a whiskey fan.

I ended up walking back to my hotel after losing my bearings and the stop for the tour bus so I ended up seeing a bit more of that area than I’d bargained for. From the bus tour, I can vouch for Dublin being a great shopping destination, though as I live in a big city, shopping wasn’t something I was too fussed about. That, and hand luggage makes it a tad limiting!

So, that’s a quick round up of my trip to Dublin! More posts will be following for The Solo Project in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for those if you so fancy.

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