The Solo Project #3 – Go on holiday

The Solo Project

Yep, I’m talking about Dublin... AGAIN. Soz.

Going on holiday alone seems to be an absolutely massive social taboo unless you’re off somewhere with a backpack to find yourself. Whilst it’s absolutely socially acceptable to go travelling alone, a city break or actual ‘holiday’, doesn’t seem to be the case.

Being on holiday alone really does allow you to be selfish. I did exactly what I wanted, when I wanted, without having to consider someone else. And that bit, it was great. Does that make me selfish? Probably. But hell, if you can’t do what you want when you’re 23 and single, when can you? A gal with responsibilities like a partner/kids/pet can hardly drop everything because Ryanair are doing £10 each way flights, can she? Well, not easily anyway.

Flying solo is an interesting one. There’s that feeling of ‘shit, if I fall out the sky I’ll be all alone’ but you also get chance to browse Duty Free at your leisure with nobody whinging. I thought I was a nervous flyer until I was sat across from a girl clinging to her boyfriend in fear (he was asleep). Apparently flying alone brings out the British stiff upper lip where you don’t share your fears or emotions with strangers – something I’m sure the guy sat next to me was pleased about.

Being at a hotel by yourself is also swings and roundabouts. Whilst you get enough towels for two, paying the same price as it would be for two people to occupy the room is a bit irritating. Though, starfishing on a kingsize bed is forever the dream and every gal needs a night in a hotel by herself to experience this luxury.

Things seem to take less time when you’re alone too.  For example, meal times get shorter with nobody to chat to and things like going down to the pool just happens faster. This could be because I did three lengths of a small pool to remind myself that I hate swimming then hit the steam room. The steam room was great whilst it was just me but then an Irish bloke came in and insisted on trying to make conversation. Any other opportunity to chat to anyone with that accent, I’m down with, until you’re in a room designed to make you sweat and wearing very little. Awks.

Going to attractions by yourself is great too as whilst it’s fewer LOLs, you can skip over the boring bits (like the technicalities of producing Guinness) and linger at the more exciting bits (like lions and tigers), without feeling either hurried or bored because someone else is taking their sweet time.

Overall, I think everyone should have a solo hol, even if it’s just one night away. It’s having that ‘me-time’ where other people aren’t there to piss you off that everyone seriously needs. 


  1. I think this is fab! Your whole 'solo project' is inspiring! :)
    I travelled to New York for 3 days, then a few days in Canada at a friends in Niagara in 2008 and agree, that flying was a bit of a 'stay' situation. I had flown alone before, in 2000 to Atlanta, but I was definitely more aware of things in 2008! Like you, I loved being able to set my own itinerary and alarm clock! And I selfish in loosing as much time as i liked in Maci's!
    Look forward to reading about your next trip. :)


    1. Thank you so much :) I definitely think that I got a lot more out of Dublin because I was alone and also that I got what I wanted out of it. I guess it's a whole new way of making memories as it becomes more about the place itself, but being with someone else is an entirely different experience. A solo New York trip is the absolute dream though! xx

  2. Caroline sent me in the direction of your blog and I am so glad she did! I am embarking on something kind of similar this year in trying to achieve 30 different things before I am 30! One of which is a weekend or break away by myself! It scares me but I agree with some of your comments about flying solo in that I think it should less stressful. Doing what I want, when I want, eating where I want and when I want. I am actually looking forwards to it, I just need to decided where I want to go now!!

    Love Abi xxx