Revolucion De Cuba – New Menu Launch

Revolucion De Cuba Leeds

Oh my days, Revolucion de Cuba is the dream.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a green china elephant cropping up occasionally – Revolucion de Cuba was his home. FYI, I was given him, he wasn’t the result of theft. Those days are behind me now.

Also, if you go there with the intention of stealing an elephant, please consider that when you buy a drink which comes in an elephant, there’s a charity donation in there. Be responsible, kidnap isn’t cool.


Revolucion de Cuba invited me down to sample their new menu and I must admit, I arrived thinking it would be a canapés and mingle kind of night. Oh how wrong I was. I have never seen so much food before in my life. There were ten of us there to sample pretty much the entire menu and it was one of those nights that I’ll remember for simply being so much fun. Even though I was there to review, because I’ve been a fair few times just with friends for food and drinks, I already knew I was going to love the menu and have a really fun night too. It’s the kind of place where you can go for tea after work or you can start a night out as it’s already got a fun party atmosphere at about 8pm.

First up, we tried the tapas menu. (They do 241 on Tapas and Cocktails on Sunday, just in case anyone fancies taking me). My personal favourites were the Pork and Chorizo Quesadilla, Albondigas (that would be meatballs to you and I), and Nachos simply because their guacamole is the absolute dream. Everything we tried was delicious but those particularly stood out for me.

Next, we moved onto the main courses and tried so many dishes! They were well prepared for bloggers as they brought them out for photos then took them away to dish them up. We tried beef fillet and chicken thigh skewers, a chicken salad, Paella de Cuba, a marinated cauliflower steak (I’ll come back to that), a meatball burrito and a whole flash-fried bream.

The cauliflower steak was an interesting one as it was essentially a massive piece of cauliflower served as a steak. Sounds weird but tasted delicious. Despite being far from a veggie, I’d actually consider it as a main course. And I’m that person who would always go for meat, so that says something!

The skewers were definitely a highlight for me as the beef one was cooked medium-rare (just how I like it), and the chicken one was dressed in chimmichurri which I love. The burrito we tried was fairly spicy which I enjoyed, though it’s not something I’d necessarily choose as I’m a bit pathetic when it comes to spicy food. I even tried the bream as well, even though I usually don’t even touch fish. Whilst it isn’t something I’d go for, even with my limited fishy knowledge, I could tell it was well seasoned and tasty.

For dessert, we tried the sweet nachos and a molten chocolate pot. The nachos are pretty much like churros but shaped like tortilla crisps and coated in sugar. They’re really tasty and went down well with the group. The chocolate pots were delicious as they had fruit in them but also a kick of chilli.

Drinks-wise, I can confirm that the staff kept them well and truly flowing! Naturally I felt the need to try and drink the menu (I stopped after about 5 when I remembered I had work the next day, whoops). My favourite has to be the Ruby Punch, and I’m not just biased because it comes in an elephant! The Solero, I can confirm tastes just like solero ice lollies and the Pornstar Rumtini is like an improved version of a regular Pornstar Martini, as it has rum in it.

Is it just me who thinks rum is the next gin? It’s like how gin became the new cool drink after prosecco but now rum seems to be taking over. As I have a new found love for rum, I’m absolutely down with this.

So, have you been to Revolucion de Cuba? Would you like to go? 

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