My Blog’s 3rd Birthday

Blog third birthday

How have I been blogging for three whole years?!

I just wanted to do a quick post to mark the third birthday of Glasses Girl as this blog has become such a massive part of my life. For something that gets passed over as just a hobby or, I quote, ‘that blogging shit you do’ (yes, I know), I like to think that my blog is something special.

I never would have thought when I sat in the university library planning out Glasses Girl, 4 days before my dissertation deadline, I’d have kept it up for this long. I never thought I’d become so wrapped up with writing about anything and everything. It didn’t take long for the posts actually about glasses to dwindle and for lifestyle posts to creep in. Now I feel like the definition of over-sharing on the internet and I’m 100% fine with that.

My blog has started to define me. It let me grow in confidence to shout about the things that matter to me. I remember being in my interview at Epiphany and being asked about my hobbies, beginning to explain about Glasses Girl and my interviewer turning around his Macbook to show my blog right there staring back at me. I was later told that blogging was something that set me apart from other candidates.

Blogging has helped me find my own writing style. As my sister puts it, I write how I speak, which is often why she laughs at my posts more than anyone. It’s helped me open up a lot too, and I now meet people who have read my blog and now feel like they know me. This is mainly my sister’s friends, she’s like my own personal cheerleader.

I feel like I’m finally starting to nail the blogger balance too. I love writing about my experiences and the fun times but I never wanted to be the blogger who only posts the positives and doesn’t post the shit stuff too. It’s just not realistic, you know? I’m glad I’m no longer the blogger who sticks to fluffy subjects instead of writing about the things which are important to me either. Whether it’s a feminist issue or calling out people for acting like a dick on Twitter (shall we not start the #PRRequest thing again...), I no longer fear the backlash. I want to start conversations, whether people agree with me or not and you don’t get that by people-pleasing 100% of the time.

This website (which WILL go own domain at some point soon, I promise), has brought me so many opportunities which I’m beyond grateful for. Yes, everyone thinks that the best thing about blogging is the freebies, but actually, it’s the friends I’ve made and the memories I’ve had. I’m forever grateful for the events I’ve been to that have allowed me to meet some fantastic people who are now ‘real life’ friends. Also, having the chance to attend events with a plus one and share them with friends and family. That’s pretty awesome too. Who can say that within 18months of moving to a new city that they’ve developed an entire friendship group from scratch of strong, independent women? That wouldn’t have happened without my blog.

This post really is a massive thank you. It’s a thank you to every single person who’s ever read what I’ve had to say, everyone who’s ever contacted me to say they’ve enjoyed it and every brand I’ve ever worked with. Without that, this blog would be shit.

As this is starting to turn into an acceptance speech for an Oscar, I’ll leave it there. 


  1. I love your blog, and have done since the first day I read it! Three years is a great achievement, and I love your writing style too - the diversity and honesty is just lovely. You bring such important issues to light. Happy Blog Birthday!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

    1. Thank you so much and I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply! Knowing that I have readers like you who come back time again really makes it all worth it xxx