Happy Galentine’s Day!

Galentine's Day
I could put together a wishlist post for Valentine’s Day but I’d like to think that if you’re spending the day of love/romance etc with someone, you probably know them well enough to buy them a little something. Well, you’d hope anyway. Any guys reading this – Lindor chocolate and flowers should do the trick.

And if I happen to have any secret admirers (LOL), I wouldn’t mind a rose gold Michael Kors watch so that I can achieve new levels of basic bitch on Instagram. Just FYI.


Not everyone is all loved up on the 14th, so I bring to you Galentine’s Day. A guide for what single gals should do in absence of that special someone.

1. Do what you’d do on a normal Sunday. It may be Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean you should skip the gym/brunch.
2. See other single friends and do normal Sunday stuff.
3. See taken friends who don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day.
4. Avoid Tinder. Nobody likes a desperate Valentine’s hook up.
5. Play social media bingo. You get points for proposals, Pandora jewellery, photos of flowers, check-ins to fancy restaurants and the like.
6. Even better, turn social media bingo into a drinking game.
7. Stay in and cook to avoid Valentine’s set menus. You know when restaurants try to theme it, double the price and there’s never something you actually really want on the menu? Not cool.

What are you doing this Valentine’s day? Are you loved up or ridin’ solo*?

*I went to see Jason Derulo last week, forgive me for the references.

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