Dry January – a reflection

Dry January 2015

I appreciate we’re now well into February but hey, I managed 37 days without anything alcoholic and that definitely deserves a blog post.

I did Dry January this year thinking ‘it won’t be that hard’. I also thought ‘it’ll save me some money’ and ‘it’ll do my liver some good’.


Whilst I’m not a regular drinker as I only drink socially and not at home (living by myself means I don’t tend to keep alcohol in my flat just for me), I thought January would be a breeze as let’s face it, everyone is too skint to socialise. I actually ended up doing a few bits in January including an event, a couple of dates and a restaurant review, all without the influence of alcohol.

The main thing I found was that so many people will try and make you break it. I’ve lost count of the amount of people who’ve said ‘you should just break it, it’s not like you’re doing it for charity’. I genuinely get where people are coming from when they don’t want you to miss out, but this is something which has got my back up since I was at uni. Having hung around with people who wouldn’t take no for an answer, it made me pretty stubborn and more inclined to stick to my guns about it. I mean, I don’t need a note from my mum to excuse me from drinking, do I?

There were a couple of times where my will power was massively tested – at an event which I attended by myself and also at a restaurant review. Both offered complimentary drinks, and each time I went for the soft option. I went on a couple of dates last month too and it’s always a bit awkward when one person isn’t drinking as it makes the other feel like they shouldn’t. I personally don’t have a problem with it, but hey, I’m not changing my drinking preferences to fall in line with someone else’s!

For me, Dry January probably saved me a bit of cash, as there were a few times when I could have drunk (and would have probably stayed out longer as a result!), and I guess that means there’s a health benefit from lack of hangovers! Personally, I don’t think my health will have seen much improvement, simply because it’s not something I had enough of before to make a difference.

Dry January was harder than I thought but not because I missed regular drinking, it’s more about the social events where there’s some serious FOMO when other people are.

Did you do Dry January this year? Do you think you could? Let me know in the comments.

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