Turtle Bay - Leeds

Turtle Bay Leeds

After being introduced to Caribbean cuisine last year, I really haven’t looked back! Turtle Bay is pretty new to the highstreet restaurant scene and they’re already a firm favourite of mine. I love Turtle Bay for the laid back vibe and it’s the kind of place where you go to kick back rather than try and get drunk. Turtle Bay is the place you’d go for date night, for dinner with your mates or somewhere to take your mum for a cocktail.

I was lucky enough to be invited to go try out the new Turtle Bay in Leeds which is up in The Light. If you’re from Leeds, you’ll probably know that the top of town has a fair bit going on right now and it’s no longer all about Trinity. This is the kind of place you’d head to before going to the cinema or after getting your hair cut at Allertons, know what I mean?

I took my sister along with me for dinner as she’s such a massive fan of Turtle Bay already and we arrived and were welcomed in. I’m heartbroken to say that I’m doing Dry January so the cocktails were off limits to me – though having had them in several Turtle Bay restaurants in the past, I can safely say, they know their rum. I stuck to a passion fruit cooler and Charl had a watermelon crush (free on Slimming World/WeightWatchers FYI). Then we both had a can of Ting which is a fruity soft drink – and I’ve heard since that ‘gin and Ting’ is the new G&T.

We went for different dishes to start (as duh, looks better on Instagram) and I chose the duck wraps, whereas Charl opted for the pulled pork salad. We also got a chickpea side (that I’ve forgotten the name of!) too for us to share too. My wraps were absolutely delicious and having duck was a nice treat as it’s not something I’d usually go for. Mine was really filling, whereas Charl’s salad was a little lighter but equally as flavoursome.

For mains, I immediately knew I wanted a goat burger with sweet potato fries – I’ve had the goat curry in Turtle Bay before and I loved it so I wanted to give it a go in a burger. I’m not sure if you can buy goat to cook yourself? If anyone knows where I can get it in Leeds please let me know as I really want to try it. Maybe in my knew slow cooker? I’m getting fancy right here. Charl went for the steak (from a cow, not a goat) which is definitely less fancy (cows are so mainstream) but just as tasty. My burger was definitely the winner as goat has such a strong flavour and it’s something really different that you can’t get elsewhere. Just in case anyone’s going ‘ew, goat’, it tastes like a better version of lamb.

We had to have pudding (I believe it’s in our genes), and I went for the rum cake, since alcohol doesn’t count when it’s in food, and Charl went for the cheesecake. I was really excited for this as I’ve actually had it before and it’s so boozy and is just delicious with coconut icecream. Charl loved her cheesecake too which says a lot as her standards are very high!

The lovely staff brought us over a rum board which was four different rums and coke/lemonade to mix. Charl took one for the team with the tasting as I sat there and whimpered sadly about my commitment to being sober for 31 days. I sniffed them before she drank them and I can confirm that Kracken still smells like Christmas and I need more of it in my life.

I was so grateful for the opportunity to go review Turtle Bay as they really looked after us and the food was perfection. Apologies to the person who collected our feedback card - when there's a box that says 'draw us your best turtle', naturally my sister drew a tortoise and labeled it 'this is a land tortoise'. She's a clever cookie that one.

As per my last blog post, we both paid forward the kindness and helped out the homeless that night – it’s only fair when our dinner had been on Turtle Bay. Charl bought a homeless guy a couple of sandwiches, two cupcakes and a bottle of water and I gave a fiver to the Big Issue guy (he did offer me the magazine but not going to lie, I’m more of a Cosmo girl).

So, have you been to Turtle Bay? Do you want to go? Would you like to take me? (Hint: the answer is yes). Let me know in the comments.


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    1. It's such a good restaurant, would definitely recommend!! And I need to go back after dry January! x

  2. Mmm now this all sounds UH-MAZING. Can you believe I haven't been to ANY turtle bay yet? I must get a move on and visit. I love that you are paying forward!
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

  3. Hi there, you can buy diced goat either on or off the bone at CC Continental supermarket. There are two next to each other on Roundhay Road (the old Fforde Green) and there is one at the city end of Chapeltown Road.

    Go and have a look, they are fascinating and friendly shops selling food from all over the world.