Top 30 feelings you have when it snows.

Snow in Leeds 2016

The first snowfall of the year (proper snow that actually sticks, not the pitiful efforts of earlier this week) is currently going on outside my window in Leeds so I thought this post was pretty necessary.

1.      Omg there are people on Facebook saying it’s snowing!
2.      I’d better actually check for myself.
3.      Yep, it’s snowing. Definitely snowing.
4.      Everyone on all my social media channels needs to know.
5.      Y’know, just in case not everyone else has snow.
6.      Better take a photo too, in case everyone doesn’t believe me.
7.      Aw it looks so pretty on my Instagram.
8.      I’m really glad I’m spending my Saturday in my PJs watching Take Me Out.
9.      Imagine if I was in town tonight, that would be hell.
10.   Praise the Lord for Dry January.
11.   It’s a good job tomorrow’s Sunday too.
12.   Am I too old to build a snowman?
13.   Oh wait, I live in a flat, where can I go for snow?
14.   Snow angels look so pretty but imagine having to walk home after that.
15.   Walking to work on Monday will be hell.
16.   Also, my hair doesn’t agree with snow.
17.   Is it just me that thinks snow looks a bit like giant flakes of dandruff?
18.   Why didn’t I learn how to iceskate? I’ll be like Bambi on ice when I have to leave.
19.   Wish I didn’t leave my wellies in my wardrobe back home.
20.   Can I buy a new coat for the occasion?
21.   Why don’t I own anything waterproof? Oh wait, it’s because I hate the outdoors in general.
22.   Public transport must be a nightmare right now.
23.   Praise the Lord for not having to commute.
24.   Why do trains always stop because of snow? Surely they knew it was coming?
25.   I wonder if the gym will be quiet tomorrow.
26.   Actually that means leaving my flat, best not risk it.
27.   Can I use this as an excuse to have a Netflix day tomorrow?
28.   It’s quite nice watching the snow from inside.
29.   I wonder how long this snow will stick around for.
30.   Hopefully it’ll be gone soon as y’know, girl got plans next week.

Have you had snow yet? Do you like it?

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