The January Spending Cut

January Spending Cut money saving

January seriously sucks. You know when you get paid before Christmas and you’re really grateful because you essentially drank your November wages and shit Christmas is actually so expensive? Now I’m faced with 5 weekends to fill between paydays, I’m less cheery. Boo hiss.

Here are some ways to save your pennies in January. We all love the occasional grown up post remind us all that I’m actually 23 and therefore a responsible adult.

1. Do stuff you’ve paid for. Whether it’s a subscription to Netflix, the gym or whatever, spend time doing that stuff as it’s essentially free. Binge watch Making a Murderer, go fight a new years resolutioner for a treadmill and the like.

2. Do stuff for free. Go to free museums, go for a walk (LOL this will never be me), raid your BFFs DVDs, that kind of thing.

3. Use the bath stuff you got for Christmas instead of re-gifting it. Set a day aside for a little pamper sesh with all the bath bombs, body scrubs and moisturisers that you can handle.

4. Take part in Dry January. This is a great way to save money as a large glass of wine might set you back £6 (small glasses are for those with a negative mind set) but a lime and soda will be about a £1. Three drinks in and you’ve saved yourself £15 and a hangover.

5. Ring your friend instead of seeing them. Same amount of catching up but you don’t have to go out and spend your cash. Yes, it might seem anti social to not see people face to face but you’ll save yourself the cost and the hangover of a night out.

6. Stalk people from school on Facebook. Don’t even lie, you know you do it. That’s a good 2 hours on a Saturday gone, all for free.

7. Batch cook meals. Not only does this take up an entire afternoon but it saves a fortune in the long run. You get the added feelgood factor of feeling like an adult with your shit together for at least 3 hours afterwards too.

8. Have a Harry Potter marathon. Because, duh.

9. Get your friends round for a brew. Buy in the cake and you have a girly afternoon sorted.

10. Give up little things. We’re all guilty of buying stuff we don’t need (walking past a Tesco Express on the way to work is the worst) but not having a daily bottled drink, a lunchtime snack to go with your dinner or popping in on the way home means you suddenly save a fortune.

This post has been dull but you know what? January sucks. Just think, all the money you save, you can spend treating someone with a January birthday. As let’s face it, January may be rubbish but being born in the skintest month of the year can’t be fun.

FYI, it’s my sister’s birthday at the end of the month so I seriously need to practice what I preach here.

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