Helping the homeless in 2016.

Helping the homeless Leeds

This is my personal plea to people everywhere, no matter who you are (blogger or not!) to make 2016 the year we give something back.

I know a lot of people donate to charities, they give blood and they volunteer and I think that is brilliant, I honestly do. But I think little things go a long way too.

All I’m asking is that whenever you go out for dinner and you’re not the one paying, that you pay the kindness forward and get a homeless person a meal that night. That’s all I’m asking.

Earlier this week, I was contacted by Revolucion De Cuba in Leeds to go make burritos with them. My dinner that night, was on them. I left and I decided that now is the time to pay forward that kindness and I bought some food for a homeless guy.

That night, one less person went to bed hungry.

How many times do you go out for dinner and your parents or your other half pay? How many times are bloggers treated to restaurant reviews or hotel stays? How about when your work takes you out for your Christmas do? When you go on a date and they insist on paying?

These are the times where you haven’t had to put your hand in your pocket for yourself and these are the times that I’m asking you to pay it forward. Go to the shop, head to McDonalds, wherever, but grab some food and give it to someone in need.

A few quid is loose change to most of us. It’s a takeout coffee, a pair of cheap earrings, not even the cost of a glass of wine on a night out. That a few quid that could buy a meal for someone. And if someone’s bought you dinner or drinks, why don’t you pass it on?

I’m not asking anyone to start making regular donations to charities, nor am I asking anyone to really go that far out of their way. But a little goes one hell of a long way.

Homelessness isn’t something I can throw stats at my readers about, nor is it something that I have a personal experience with. All I know is that when I’ve dined out for free, it seems like a no-brainer to put my hand in my pocket and spare some cash. It’s not a lot. A fiver tops. And yes, that’s a lot of money when you’re really skint but you know what? For a lot of people, it’s easily spared. Hell, you can probably find it in change at the bottom of my handbag.

This is what I’m doing in 2016. Will you join me?

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  1. Me again...I love this idea!! On my list is 'pay forwards a coffee,' but I shall certainly look at incorporating this as well! xx