The Resolution Round Up

Resolution Round up

Last year, I stuck to my New Year’s Resolutions and that was something I was pretty proud of. I achieved the lot of them to a certain degree. This year? Less so. I thought I’d do this post as a round up of what I planned to do, and what actually happened.

Resolution One: Fitness
Even though my dedication to fitness has been a bit all over the place, this year, my confidence has grown one hell of a lot which I see as a massive achievement. At the start of this year, I couldn’t put my own workouts together, I wouldn’t train by myself and hell, I was too insecure to even wear a vest not a t-shirt as I thought I would be judged. Now, I’ve learnt so much more and lost the inhibitions. I’ve even taken friends to the gym and put them through my own workouts which is something I’d never have done before.

Resolution Two: Health
Again, a bit all over the place but joining WeightWatchers has seen me become a much healthier person again which is definitely a positive. I always knew I’d never be an ‘eat clean’ person but I’m definitely a lot more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth. Feel free not to snigger at that one you filthy things.

Resolution Three: Be better with money
Absolute fail. NEXT.

Resolution Four: Do more stuff
I’ve definitely ticked this one off! I’ve met so many new people through blogging in 2015 and it’s opened up so many opportunities to try new things, visit new places and have a whole host of new experiences. Outside of the blogging world, I feel like I’ve discovered more of Leeds, I’ve been to new cities and generally had a good time. TICK.

Resolution Five: Read More
I think I’ve achieved this one too! I’m definitely back into better habits of getting lost in books, which is my favourite past-time in the world. I also read a lot more blogs and I feel like I know what’s going on more in the world too. As my job is in social media, I feel more exposed to life in general and I also know so much more about the industry I’m working in because I take the time to read about it.

Resolution Six: Vanity
Have I taken better care of my hair and skin? Erm. Kind of? I don’t think my habits are any better than they were last year, but they do involve more moisturiser so my skin is probably benefiting from that. Also, drinking more water and eating a more balanced diet really has helped my skin. But my hair? I’ll apologise for how much more I’ve been straightening my hair and how getting it cut hasn’t been entirely regular. Woops.

So, that’s my resolution round up! I’ll be posting my top moments of 2015 on here at some point and also my 2016 resolutions so check back for that!

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  1. Some great resolutions and fab that you have achieved and exceeded your own expectations. :)
    It's amazing what getting your head stuck into the gym/working out can do for you as a whole. It's not all about changing your body, losing weight/building muscle, it becomes a new frame of mind and outlook on life. This then becomes a great starting point in making other changes and being more positive in the aspects of your day to day life.
    It's been great meeting you in 2015 and look forward to seeing you again in 2016. :)