The horror of Christmas shopping

Horror of Christmas shopping
This year I’m the smug person you want to hit round the head with a turkey as I can proudly say, I started Christmas shopping September. Before anyone accuses me of being organised, I simply got a bit carried away when I started seeing things that I thought people would like. I absolutely love buying presents. I love trying to think up something they’ll really like, I always end up going over budget and I love that warm feeling you get when someone opens it and they’re really happy.

Christmas shopping in December however, does not give me that warm fuzzy feeling. Here’s why.

1. Slow walking people. Apparently some people think 10am on a Saturday morning is the perfect time for a light stroll through Trinity in Leeds. I beg to differ. If you want to meander at the speed of your average tortoise, take yourself to a park and stop getting in everyone else’s way.

2. Family trips to Boots. We’ve all seen them. Mum is browsing the gift aisles whilst dad stands around looking bored with a pushchair. You know who is unnecessary here? The dad and the pushchair. Do they need to be stood blocking an aisle in Boots, getting in the way of every other shopper who is trying to get something on 3 for 2 for their secret Santa? No. Go wait outside. Or even better, stay at home.

3. Christmas music in shops. This is fine for a shopper, in fact, it can put us all in that lovely festive mood but spare a thought for the retail staff who have been listening to it since November.

4. Primark. Need I say any more?

5. Drunk people dressed in Christmas jumpers. Usually a group of middle aged men in a jumper that’s at least a size too small and they may not be shopping but they seem to be all over town centres. Festive drinking is something I’m 100% down with, likewise, any excuse for wearing knitwear instead of a dress and heels, but being off your tits/man-boobs on Carlsberg at 11am? What absolute delights.

6. Anyone who’s rude to shop assistants. These people are at work. They’re working to make sure you can buy the gifts you want for your loved ones at Christmas. Let’s not forget that they give up their evenings for late night shopping and just because the shop may shut at 6pm on Christmas Eve, the chances are, they’re going to be there for a good few hours after that preparing for the Boxing Day sales. Oh and when you come in at 10am on Boxing Day with a grumpy hangover? The sales assistants have already been there for hours. So y’know, don’t be a dick.

7. Getting up early to go shopping and realising when you get there that everyone had the same idea. Where do all of these people come from?!

8. Being sucked in by every offer there is. It’s just too hard to resist.

9. Queues. They just suck. Especially when you do that thing where you pop into a shop for one thing, don’t get a basket and end up standing looking like a human Buckaroo.

10. People like me who’ve already done their Christmas shopping. Hah, sorry guys. Enjoy rushing round that shopping centre at the last minute and I’ll just put my feet up with a glass of prosecco and tin of Celebrations.

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? How have you found it this year?

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