The Christmas Day social media checklist

Christmas Day Social Media Checklist

Before anyone starts going on about Christmas Day being the one day of the year where we should all put our phones down and play board-games, let’s just be realistic. If it isn’t online, did it really happen? The world needs to know exactly how you’re spending your Christmas Day as unless we see that domestic bliss, everyone will think you’re a weirdo and you’re spending it alone with your cat.*

*If this is the case, congratulations, you have nailed Christmas.

Also, in case the photo doesn't give it away, my Mum, sister and I always go to the beach on Christmas morning to eat icecream and take selfies. Got to love a tradition.

Here’s the social media checklist for the 25th and if you want to make it even more fun, do a shot every time you spot one. I’ll throw this disclaimer out there now that if you’re hammered by 11am and fall asleep face first into your turkey, this is not my fault.

1.  A photo of the tree with a shit ton of presents underneath. Just a humble brag of ‘yes, I am so generous and so are my family and oh look, we have tonnes of presents’.

2. Videos of kids wishing the world Merry Christmas. If they sing a song either take two points or two shots, the choice is yours.

3. An engagement announcement. There’s always one who turns up to a birthday party and puts it all on them and in this case, Jesus is no longer the centre of attention.

4. A status reminding us that the true meaning of Christmas is actually religious.

5. A status wishing everyone a great Christmas from someone you know for a fact is an atheist and has spent the last year sharing statuses about science proving their opinions.

6. A photo of a rose gold Michael Kors watch/Pandora bracelet/Mulberry bag with #LuckyGirl or #Blessed. We’re not jel, at all.

7. A photo of a board-game. As every happy family plays board-games on Christmas Day. I’m not even joking about this, each year we get a new Christmas game and this year it’s Cards Against Humanity. Cannot wait.

8. A status and photo from parents wishing their 2015 baby a very happy first Christmas. These are the absolute cutest, especially if said child has a special Christmas outfit.

9. Someone sharing a link to a charity or news article about people not being as fortunate as us on Christmas Day**.

10. A photo or video of a pet in a Christmas jumper. If this pet is a cat, take two shots as that takes more effort than it does a dog.

11. A photo of a child playing with a cardboard box instead of the toy that came in it. I mean, I know toys are great but who wants that when you can have a cardboard fort?

12. Christmas lunch selfie. Either with the entire family and taken via a selfie stick or just a single selfie, complete with cracker hat.

13. The standard food photo. No way, you’re eating turkey on Christmas Day? Who knew.

14. A status about watching a Christmas film/any Christmas TV specials. As what else do you do when you have a food coma going on?

15. A beach photo (of people who went a little further than Scarbados like me). There's always one person who's finding themselves on a gap yah (#namaste) who posts a photo of themselves wearing little more than a bikini and a santa hat. Christmas in tropical climes is frankly not normal. 

16. Anything that shares the love. Whether it’s declaring your love for your family and friends, thanking everyone who made it a special day or actually bringing Christmas back to the true meaning of Christianity, let’s hope this Christmas that social media is a positive place to be. As let’s face it, we’ll be spending all afternoon refreshing our feeds.

**This is why I’m posting this prior to Christmas as it’s never too late to make a difference. Donate to the Salvation Army, take gifts to your local homeless shelter or pop round to your elderly neighbour's and make them feel special. Everyone deserves to be loved at Christmas and not everyone has the people around them that we have.

So, what are you most looking forward to on Christmas Day? Will you be liking the glossy photos of presents or hiding them from your newsfeed? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. I really liked reading this, there are so many stereotypical things we all post haha!
    I love that you guys have ice cream on Christmas Day though, we always have a turkey sandwich picnic lunch on a traditional walk we always go on. Traditions are the best!
    It's so important to remember charities like the Salvation Army around this time too.

    Sarah xxx

  2. Hahahaha! Loved this and deffo do most of the above! :p
    I love traditions, even as stupid as some may seem. :)