Christmas Style with La Redoute

La Redoute Christmas

How is it so close to Christmas guys? I literally have no clue. Also, it’s been hitting double digits in temperature for the last week or so in Leeds and I just can’t handle it. How on Earth do you dress for that?!

Back to the actual topic after that little weather tangent... A couple of weeks ago I spent a rather lovely evening at Lambert’s Yard in Leeds seeing La Redoute’s party collection. The collection itself is really reasonable and definitely NYE appropriate. There are different levels of sparkle meaning there’s something for everyone with some dresses which are all over sequin, others in a tuxedo style and everything in between.

What I love about this collection is how wearable it is as there is so much with sleeves! This is a big must for me as a girl with sizeable arms and an aversion to fake tan, well, let’s just say it’s not flattering for me to go sleeveless. It’s not often that a brand has clothes which genuinely flatter everyone and the styles range from figure hugging to loose and more forgiving. This is so important at this time of year as whilst some people might have curves in all the right places, some people need an outfit which will look amazing both before and after a 3 course meal. We all know how that one feels!

La Redoute's collection is really in-keeping with their classic French style – whilst everything looks on trend right now, you know they’re the kind of clothes that will also look brand new and stylish this time next year too. They’re the failsafe party pieces, the ones you can hang in your wardrobe and know that you can wear them to any occasion, that you’ll look good in and most importantly you’ll feel good wearing them.

Forgive me for sounding like I’ve aged 30 years, but I’m over the days of dresses that barely cover your bum and don’t quite sit right because they were designed with a skinny teenager in mind. As a *ahem* young professional (this is all the LOLs, I wear Converse to work), I want clothes that fit me, flatter my shape and that just need a slick of red lipstick to finish off. I believe this little revelation of mine is called dressing like an actual adult rather than a fresher. Who knew? 

Anyway, now I’ve described these timeless pieces, here are a few photos from the night. Luckily for me, the La Redoute team hired a photographer and I’ve used a mix of my photos and theirs – I *may* have been too busy drinking cocktails and gossiping about clothes to take loads of photos. My bad. I’ve also included a few photos of some blogger babes as y’know, they’re beauts and I had to leave early so didn’t get my photo taken in my dress! I did get a photo of the outfit I wore to the event though - this little gem was from ebay and just perfect for the 1920's party I also went to that night. (Crazy party lifestyle, I know).

So, enjoy. Also, if anyone happens to be in touch with Santa, please feel free to drop him a line and tell him that I’d like EVERYTHING (even if it gets delivered after Christmas, I’m down with that).

So, now we've established that I ADORE this collection and that I also have the sassiest blogger friends ever, what do you think? Have a browse on their site here and tell me what catches your eye!

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  1. This looks like a fab event! It;s not a brand I'm aware off, but I'll definitely be checking out their collection.
    Lizi you looks amazing in that dress and yes, look at those ladies rocking their pictures! :)