2015: The Lowdown

2015 the lowdown

Like most years, you look back and think firstly, shit, where has the time gone and secondly, how the hell has so much happened. Having a blog is a fantastic way of looking back and seeing exactly what went on, likewise, a scroll through Instagram! I thought I’d put together a list of a few things that happened this year that meant a lot to me.

1. My new job. I finished the graduate scheme that I was on back in July and I was offered a roll within the company that is pretty perfect for me. Every time I hear people complaining that they hate their job, I have to stop and think about how lucky I am that I go into work every day and genuinely love what I do.

2. My blog. I think 2015 was really the year I got opinionated and stopped fearing backlash! I think blogging has changed one hell of a lot this year and for me personally, I’ve seen my blog go from strength to strength. I’ve worked out which posts are the most popular and I feel like I’ve really come into my writing style. I still find it weird when people tell me they read what I have to say but I still love it every time.

3. Getting out my comfort zone. I feel like for a lot of this year, I’ve done things that have challenged me. It’s the kind of things that seem really little, like doing an organised 5k run or going to a conference by myself, but these things add up. I mean, I even played polo this year. That’s me, outdoors, on a horse. Yep.

4. Getting a tattoo. This is one that I would never have predicted for this year! In the past I’ve been so undecided about my feelings towards them but I took the plunge and got my own little piece of permanent artwork. I’ve even got to the stage where I’ve forgotten the pain enough to be planning number two for 2016. (FYI, tattoos on the ribs hurt like a bitch).

5. Meeting a ton of new people. I’ve turned a lot of online friendships into real life ones this year and that’s something I’m forever grateful for. I’ve met so many bloggers who are the loveliest people in the world and seeing them regularly has made this year fantastic.

6. Travelling in the UK. Whether it’s seeing friends from home or university, it feels like I’ve been all over the place in 2015. I’ve come to realise that outside of blogging events, my social life just doesn’t exist in Leeds!

7. Dating. Because, duh. I’m really trying not to share my entire life on here as it might put off Prince Charming but I just know how much you guys love hearing about what I get up too. *Sniggers*.

8. Being healthier. Yay for weightwatchers!

I feel like there are probably a load of things I missed out in this but they’re the top things I can think of that were great in 2015. Let me know yours in the comments!


  1. Such a lovely reflective post. I like the fact that you're not scared of facing backlash - it's sad that some bloggers are because in reality, we're all the same.

    You're blog is so cute.

    Emma Louise xx

    1. Thank you so much! I think the backlash does worry a lot of people, simply as it's never nice to hear the negatives, but I try not to see it as a bad thing, it's simply opening up the conversation. I'm always happy to hear the opinions of others on the controversial stuff, mainly as it may make me see things differently xx