Why I joined WeightWatchers

Joining Weightwatchers

I think this is about my fifth draft of this post now as I’ve been playing around with it for several weeks. Writing about body image, insecurities and the like is a pretty personal thing but I figured that in light of the recent drama around whether all social media/bloggers/everyone on the internet is fake, this was the time for something more honest.

Around 7 weeks ago, I joined WeightWatchers because I wasn’t happy.

I felt like I had zero control over what I ate, no motivation to make changes and quite frankly, I felt like shit. I was knowingly making bad choices and there were no fucks given. When it comes to food, I’m pretty educated. I know what’s healthy, what isn’t, where the hidden sugar/fat/salt is and what will make me feel terrible. But knowing this and actually putting this knowledge into practice wasn’t happening.

Like most women, I’ve struggled with my weight and whilst I may now be pretty confident, that’s not always been the case. Having been the fat kid who always came last at sports day, bullied at school and told by a PE teacher when I was 14 that I’d be dead by the age of 20 (FYI, I’m still alive), needless to say, it’s always been a sensitive subject. Hell, I joined Slimming World back when I was living in York because a guy on Tinder likened me to Jabba the Hut from Star Wars.

I actually lost 2 stone on Slimming World with my motivation coming from being compared to an overweight, fictional slug, but when I had to leave due to my group moving I hit a downward spiral. A spiral that involved convenience food, alcohol and not a lot of time spent in the gym. I gained back a stone of what I’d lost and felt shit for it. In fact, I felt pretty similar to poor Jabba.

So I joined WeightWatchers. Thankfully, because I wanted to make changes for myself, not because of some guy on Tinder. I knew I wanted to make the change and I knew I needed help to do so.

Since joining, I’ve lost that stone and I’m now back to where I was – and I feel so much better for it.

I’m lucky that I’m in such a fantastic group. My consultant, Angela, inspires us at weekly meetings and supports us during the week on social media. One of the members in our group has been at her goal weight since 1988 and is still coming to weekly meetings – proof that it’s no ‘fad diet’.

There have been people who have said to me that groups and plans like this make you dependent on the group to succeed and they profit from this. Personally, I need to be kept motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and this plan is just right for that. Truth be told, I envy anyone who can do it by themselves. But let’s face it, if my membership fee is the cost of a healthy lifestyle, surely that’s money better spent than other people’s taxes on NHS treatment for weight-related illnesses?

I’ll be doing the occasional post on my blog about my WeightWatchers progress. Keep an eye out for my upcoming weekly #Fitmas2015 posts which are all about leading a more active lifestyle, and I have a few more exercise bits coming up too!

So, tell me, what do you think of WeightWatchers? Have you done it before? 

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  1. Lizi, a beautiful, honest post as ever.
    Like you, I am fully aware of good and bad foods, but I just don't have the motivation to eat as 'clean' as I should. To a degree, some days, I'm probs just working out to conteract what crap I'm eating!
    I am off the thought that everything in moderation. I know, I can't cut any food group out, as when/if I cave, I'll cave big style. So I allow myself what I want. (to a degree)
    Slimming World/WW are fab for what they are, and I am of the agreeance that you should be dependant on them, however, each to their own. I joined SW after I had my little boy and it was the kick start I needed to get myself back to a happy place. I didn't find the group meetings helpful to me, as they ladies were all older than I and I didn't feel a connection or that I could relate to any of them, so paying £5 a week to be weighed seemed extreme.lol It's great that you find yours motivating and helpful, as they should be. :)
    You look fab, even when I last saw you, keep lifting too and as you've said, do it for yourself. :)