What I miss about university.

What I miss about Univesity

After spending some time at the weekend reminiscing tales of university with some friends from home, it made me realise that there are bits of it that I miss. Whilst it was an incredibly challenging three years, going to university changed me one hell of a lot as a person and though I wouldn’t do it again, they were some of the best years of my life.

I thought I’d put together a list of the things I miss about being at university – do you miss the same things as me?

1. Fancy dress. In grown-up world, nights out in fancy dress just aren’t a thing unless it’s Halloween or a hen do and this makes me sad. I covered pretty much every clich├ęd theme in my three years at Huddersfield and I definitely peaked when I dressed up as Facebook – perhaps a sign I was destined to work in social media?

2. Pre drinks. I still miss spending 3 hours getting ready, drinking cheap vodka and putting the world to rights with my best friends before a night out. The best nights out at had at university were going straight from my flat to a club as it skips the boring bit where you sit in a bar not being able to hear what anyone is saying and resorting to staring at your phone.

3. An all-carb diet. I lived off pasta for three years. Whether it was pasta n’ sauce from the blue packets, pasta bake or quite simply pasta and grated cheese, I pretty much ate it every day. And that was perfectly acceptable.

4. Meeting new people. Whilst starting a new job means meeting new people, it’s not the same. I spent my three years in halls which meant new flatmates, new friends of friends, new neighbours, plus all the people you meet on nights out, in beer gardens and through your course. 

5. Coming across people who were a bit strange. You know those people who have a slightly skewed view of what’s socially acceptable and without anyone to answer to, they just don’t know where to draw the line? This is the side to people you don’t tend to see any more. I still remember being sat in the corridor of my flat at about 2am back in first year whilst a crazy girl who I lived with cut up photos of the guys who lived upstairs from us. She then posted them through their door. In the real world, that’s the sign of a psychopath but at university, that’s just banter, right?

6. All-inclusive bills. Oh those were the days. There was no worrying about nasty surprises when you’ve used too much hot water and it was acceptable to have your heating on whenever you fancied. What a dream.

7. Stealing stuff being acceptable. Pint glasses, road signs, traffic cones and I even knew someone who managed a traffic light. Being in education turns the nicest most law abiding citizens into kleptomaniacs.

8. Daytime TV. When you only have 12 hours of lectures of week, who doesn’t love doing their coursework in front of This Morning?

9. Having an ‘anything goes’ attitude to clothes. I still remember the day I ended up going shopping with my flatmates in my pjs. It wasn’t a great day. Now, whilst I’m still generally a bit of scruff day to day, things like brushing my hair and putting my face on are now a daily occurrence.

10. Midweek drinking. Now that I’ve realised that I can’t handle being in an office with a hangover, I miss this. Being able to go out till 4am and spend the rest of the day lounging around feeling sorry for yourself and eating hangover food? They were the good times.

11. Not reacting to fire alarms. Whilst I’m all for safety in the event of a fire, student halls taught me that unless you can see smoke, smell smoke or actually see a fire, it’s probably more likely that some twat has burnt their tea. In the real world, you actually evacuate buildings. Who knew?

12. Having your mates down the corridor. Though I absolutely love living by myself and wouldn’t change that, three years of having some of your best friends right there all the time is so fun. When I was at university, I had flatmates who are now my best friends and that isn’t quite the case in a block of flats - I’ve been here a year and have no idea who my neighbours are.

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