The Single Girl Saturday Checklist

Single Girl Checklist

You know those Saturdays when you actually don’t have plans and it’s the best thing in the world? Over the last month or so, I’ve been so busy that I’ve barely had time to catch my breath but I’ve been in desperate need of ‘me time’. Despite being eternally single and living alone, I actually still really look forward to the time I have without plans so I thought I’d put together a list of all the things that make for an incredible solo Saturday.

1.  Watching that film we always go back to. I was going to write ‘trash films’ but let’s face it, the film I always go back to is Jurassic Park and there is zero trash there. Just a shit ton of dinosaurs eating people and what more could you really ask for?

2. Scented candles. Because, duh. Everything seems better when your living room is infused with the scent of a Yankee candle.

3. Fancy glasses to drink from. Despite my beverage of choice being black currant squash, everything tastes better out of a glass jar with a stripy straw.

4. Amazing snacks. Snacks are my fave and there is nothing worse than settling down for a movie with something average. Like when you go out for dinner, you should always have something you’d never normally have, Saturday afternoons on the sofa are definitely an occasion that deserve more than a packet of crisps.

5. Catching up on blogs, news and social media. Often in the week it can be a struggle for me to find the time to read my favourite blogs so I love sitting down with my ipad and a backlog of posts to read through. Likewise having a scroll on Instagram that lasts longer than waiting for the kettle to boil. That’s also good.

6. Going to the gym and knowing it can take you as long as you like. Not having to work out against the clock means better workouts where you’re more relaxed, not concerned at having to wait a few minutes for equipment and leaving in a better frame of mind.

7. Knowing that you can come home from the gym, you can shower then have no need to put on makeup, dry your hair or put on a bra. Girl goals right there.

8. Tidying up. (I think I actually just heard my mum cheering there). Having the time to commit to more than just moving things around and actually getting organised is surprisingly therapeutic.

9. Do the beauty stuff that blogs and magazines tell you that you should do. Whether or not it lives up to the promised results, taking the time to exfoliate, smother yourself in body butter, give yourself a manicure and put on a facemask will chill you out no end.

10. Getting creative. For me, I channel my *ahem* creativity into my blog but doing something you love that has an end result you’re happy with is time well spent.

11. Chatting to your family. My group Whatsapp messages with my mum and sister this morning may have been all about my sister’s leaking toilet, but it’s good to know what’s going on. Kind of.

12. Read a book. It genuinely breaks my heart when people say they’re not into reading as it’s something I get so much pleasure from. Stepping into someone elses’ world, regardless of whether it’s literary genius or Christmas chick lit (guilty), is the ultimate in escapism.

13. Having a flat disco for one. Anyone who says that when they’re home alone they don’t dance around to absolutely cringe music is a liar.

What makes your perfect Saturday? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. ohh! You've just reminded me of how good it was to live alone! And Jurassic Park is my ultimate fave film too! X