The Launch of Blind Pig Cider

Blind Pig Cider the Maven Leeds

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch of Blind Pig Cider at The Maven in Leeds recently and it was like a drink revolution for me. I’m not even over-reacting, I feel like I’ve found my drink of choice. You can keep your prosecco, I’ve found a new and more exciting drink than that cut-price wannabe champagne. (I still love prosecco though, obvs).

Blind Pig is a whole other experience when it comes to cider. I’ve always been a fan of fruit ciders but Blind Pig offers a twist – the flavours are based on spirits. The new flavours are:

-        Bourbon and Blueberry
-        Rum and Poached Pear
-        Whisky, Honey and Apple

These are the kind of drinks that I’d go out of my way to purchase as they’re right up my street. Having a drink which reminds you of your favourite spirit but is something you can enjoy all night without getting smashed is just my kind of thing. Trying to explain to my best mate that I’d drunk cider that tasted like Honey Jack Daniels made me realise I’d blown his mind. ‘What is this wizardry?’ was a direct quote.

Anyway. This is cider for grown ups. It’s cider for cold winter nights that are spent tucked away in a pub. Ah those nights, they really are the best types. You can keep your overcrowded beer gardens that are full of social smokers and give me an open fire, my BFFs and cider any day.

I must admit, drinking in my 20s is a world away from when I was 18 or even when I was at uni. Luckily for both my liver and everyone who has to be around me, drinking for the sake of it is no longer a thing for me. Likewise, drinking the cheapest thing available. Just no. Long gone are the days of dodgy vodka that tastes like petrol and £5 pitchers (drunk with a straw, of course). Yep, I’m all about adult drinking now. This is why I’m now Blind Pig Ciders’ newest biggest fan as these drinks taste delicious, look fantastic on Instagram (not even sorry) and they’re 4% abv which means you can drink it all night. YAY.

So that’s my thoughts on Blind Pig Cider, let me know if you’ve tried it! 

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