Sam Pepper - Taking a 'prank' too far.

Sam Pepper Prank
In a world that seems to be going crazier by the second, what I’m asking today is why are people fueling hate and negativity on the internet? It seems insane to me that in a world where terrorist attacks are happening, people are living in poverty and nobody quite knows what to believe in the media (looking at you, The Sun), that people are still generally acting like dickheads online.

What people think is acceptable in real life seems pretty damn far away from what people do online. We all know that there are many people out there who hide behind a screen – I’ve seen myself slagged off in tweets for having an opinion and they didn’t even tag me in it, let alone would they ever say it to my face – but even what is acceptable in the online world has been tipped over the edge.

Today, monumental wanker or *ahem* ‘Vine Celebrity* Sam Pepper hit the headlines for a ‘prank’. We’ll use the term ‘prank’ loosely here. He arranged with another ‘Vine Celebrity’ to set up their friend (who apparently is also a ‘Vine Celebrity), by abducting him, putting him in the boot of a car, driving him away, then pretending to shoot his friend in front of him. They filmed it, revealed themselves at the end to their screaming and crying friend and posted it online.

What a hilarious human being. Oh no wait. What an absolute twat.

Can you even imagine being set up like that? Thinking your best friend has been shot dead in front of you, fearing for your life then finding out it was a joke? That’s the kind of thing that not only would I end a friendship over but I’d be phoning the police.

Abducting someone off the street and mentally torturing them is what psychopaths do. I watched the video and I felt sick to my stomach seeing what that guy was going through. It was like something from a horror film. And I think we forget that whilst it’s so far removed from our lives as it’s posted on the internet by a ‘Vine Celebrity’ and because it was a ‘joke’ that this ‘prank’ actually happened to him. That this poor guy had to go through thinking his friend had been shot and he could be next.

Who does that to their friend? What vile, nasty and disgusting human being thinks that it’s an acceptable thing to do? In a world where terrorist attacks are happening very regularly, where people are discussing whether they want to go to crowded places that could be a target, what the hell was this guy thinking posting this online? It makes a mockery of genuine suffering and it mimics the work of extremists. And to me, that’s sick.

I’d never be someone to make sweeping statements about mental health, but anyone in a warped world where this ‘prank’ was a good idea needs help. Causing that amount of emotional distress to your own friend just to get hits on your Vine channel has got to be a red flag.

Sam Pepper has brought about hate and negativity online by posting this video. He’s been slated in the papers. He’s caused negative reactions (including mine) and he’s posted distressing footage for the world to see. This guy is a social influencer. He’s got so many followers, lots of which will be impressionable young people – which is terrifying.

I hate that seeing this kind of shit has brought me down. I hate seeing other people fueled with hate towards a single individual too as it’s never nice to feel so strongly and so negatively towards someone. What really gets me is that it's 100% unnecessary. It never had to happen, but he was so desperate for hits and news coverage that he went beyond pretending to grope women and decided to stage an abduction and shooting instead.

If anyone does want to watch the video (morbid curiosity and the like), it’s available here. I’m only happy to link to this content as the Metro have uploaded the video themselves and not embedded it so he doesn’t get the hits.

What do you think? Did you see Sam Pepper’s video?

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  1. The problem with Sam Pepper at this point is he honestly doesn't care about his reputation! He already realises that his reputation is fucked and there's no coming back from it! He got such a negative backlash from his fake-hand ass pinch 'prank' last year, and the sexual assault claims that surrounded it, that he's be banned from YouTuber events and disowned by the majority for them within the YouTuber community. He is hated! However, at this point Sam has given up trying to win back his former following and decided that the only way to gain views and put his name out there is to produce videos more and more shocking and fucked up than the last! Sam is only mentioned in the media when he's doing the work of satan and he loves being mentioned in the media.... He was on Big Brother for God's sake, he's an attention seeking whore! I loved this blog post though, I share your opinion....he's a wanker!