Merry FITmas!


It's been a while since I've posted anything diet or fitness related on here but as New Years Resolutions are only about 7 weeks away, I wanted to get ahead of the game. And this is why I've joined up to Fitmas.

#Fitmas2015 is a 5 week fitness challenge, created by the lovely Corinne. She’s worked really hard to put together a series of workouts (which are suited to all abilities), for people to follow and I decided to get involved. The workouts are broken up into arm day, leg day, abs/cardio day, plus an optional extra workout. You do each workout once a week, so a total of 3-4 workouts.

Have a read of her e-book here - this has all the juicy Fitmas details in it.

In terms of goals, Corinne has done the very sensible thing of stating that weightloss is NOT allowed to be what you’re aiming for. This is Fitmas, not Weightlossmas, and that means our goals need to be focused around achieving something fitness-related that we couldn’t do before. For me, I’m aiming for 4 workouts a week for the full 5 weeks. To absolute gym warriors that may not seem that hard, but I know for me it’s going to be a challenge.

I plan to do Corinne’s three workouts (arms, legs, abs/cardio) each week plus my optional extra workout will be with my personal trainer, Dom. Currently in my PT sessions, I tend to do circuits, supersets, cardio that makes me want to vom and some occasional heavy weights, all of which will be perfect as my 4th workout. The workouts that Corinne has written are a similar style to what I'd do in between PT sessions but having it mixed up a bit and adding in some new exercises/different rep ranges is just what I need!

I’m going to try and commit to writing a post every Sunday documenting how I’ve got on, what’s been going on that week and what workouts I’ve done. Apologies in advance but unless I do something exciting like faceplant a treadmill, these posts probably won’t be the most exciting. But y’know, I’ll be writing them anyway.

Corinne’s e-book is all about fitness but we all know that diet and exercise go hand in hand – though knowing it and putting it into practice are in fact very, very different. Corinne has recommended that we aim to eat plenty of fruit and veg and avoid salty/fatty/processed food as best we can. Personally, I think that’s pretty achievable. I’m currently following the WeightWatchers plan (more on that in a post later this week), so providing I stick to that, diet shouldn’t be *too* much of an issue.

Shall we all just ignore the fact that I have four Christmas parties and a baby shower within the next 5 weeks? Yep. Let’s leave that there and just hope for the best.

So, what do you think of #Fitmas2015? Will you be giving it a go? On Corinne's post here, you can see exactly who's involved!


  1. Good luck! You'll do fab! :)


  2. Haha, I love 'this is Fitmas not WeightlossMas'. That should be the tag line or something!

    Good luck :)

    Corinne x