Love in a Box

Love in a box

You may remember back when you were at school when would wrap up a shoebox, fill it with treats and they’d ship it off to children living in poverty. This year, Pure Gym South in Leeds has brought it a little closer to home and they’re doing a Christmas Shoe Box Appeal for the homeless.

When I saw the sign up about it, I decided to get involved as let’s face it, it’s not expensive yet it makes a world of difference to someone. I love this kind of charity where you know exactly where your money is going to help someone as you’re buying them the things they need.

A list was provided of the following suggested items (please note that they state alcohol and cash should never be put in a box).

-        Toothpaste/Toothbrush
-        Deodrant/Body Spray
-        Shower Gel
-        Face Wipes
-        Hand Gel
-        Hairbrush/Comb
-        Moisturiser

Food Items:
-        Chocolate bars
-        Sweets
-        Nuts
-        Biscuits
-        Tinned Food (ring pull only)
-        Juice/Water/Pop
-        Drink Sachets (Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate)
-        Soup Sachets

-        Hat, Scarf, Gloves
-        Socks
-        Belt
-        Rain Coat/Poncho

Other Items:
-        Ziplock Bag
-        Note Pad/Pens/Pencils
-        Wind Up Torch
-        Cutlery
-        Dog Treats (As some have pets)

I popped into Sainsburys Local to pick up the item for my box and I went for the soup sachets, chocolate, sweets, biscuits, a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, moisturiser, shower gel and gloves. With a roll of Christmas wrapping paper, that totalled me £16.80. I actually used £15 of Nectar points which I’ve saved over the year so really, it cost me £1.80.

How many of us have points on our loyalty cards? I’m pretty sure most people do and that’s essentially free money. Yes, it could go towards your Christmas shopping but it could also buy a meal deal for someone who might not eat today. Or if you have a tenner on there, it could be a shoebox of things that will make someone’s Christmas.

At the end of the day, this is the kind of charity that takes very little effort but is so worthwhile. If you’ve got loyalty points, cash them in, or save the tenner that you’d spend on a takeaway and put a box together for someone who really needs it. I genuinely get that everyone is skint this time of year but cutting back on a couple of glasses of wine at your Christmas do or not buying overpriced crap at the Christmas market can easily save you the cash to do one of these.

Have you done a box for the appeal before? Tell me in the comments where it went and what you put in it!

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