Fitmas 2015: Week One

For those of you who may not have seen my post earlier this week, I have been doing a challenge called ‘Fitmas’, as created by the lovely Corinne over at It’s a challenge people doing more exercise between now and Christmas so I was pretty keen to sign up and commit.

Though Fitmas officially started on Monday, I got ahead of the game and decided to start a couple of days early, last Saturday – just so that my Fitmas week started on the same day as my WeightWatchers week. Since last Saturday, I have been to the gym four times though, I’ll be honest, I haven’t followed Corinne’s plan to the letter.

(I’ll keep this brief – I know it’s not the most exciting of posts!)

I actually started the week with my ‘additional’ session on Saturday with my PT which was a mix of lower body and cardio. On Sunday, I did upper body, on Thursday I did lower body and on Friday I did some more upper body and abs.

I know it’s the first week and I probably should have followed the plan to the letter but (not wanting to sound stupidly bid-headed) but because I’m so used to training with weights, I struggle to feel the burn without them. Because of this, I took inspiration from Corinne’s workouts and did the same number of exercises, for the same number of reps but incorporated some heavier weights. I also tried to work more isolated muscle groups – focusing each workout more onto one area. This isn’t something I’ve done before in my own workouts as such but it’s new and I like it.

I was really pleased with my achievements this week as I thought I would really struggle to get in the gym that number of times, especially now the nights are so dark and cold. I managed a new personal best on my benchpress this week too (30kg for 6 reps!) so I was also pretty chuffed with that.

Fitmas is making me one hell of a lot more motivated – mainly as I don’t want to have to report back my failings each week on here! This week coming I plan to (hopefully) hit 4 gym sessions again, keep my diet just a bit cleaner than it was last week and hopefully I’ll be seeing some results soon. My biggest challenge isn’t actually what I do in the gym, it’s manning up for the 20min walk in the cold to get there!

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