Wine Tasting at The Decanter, Leeds

Wine Tasting The Decanter Leeds

I was very lucky to be invited along to The Decanter in Leeds to do a wine tasting session with some other bloggers in conjunction with Independent Leeds.

If you haven’t heard of Independent Leeds, they’re all about promoting the hidden gems of the city. You know those one of places that are amazing? They’ve partnered up with them all and offer some really good discounts with their loyalty card. This is great for people like me who don’t know the city that well – as much as some chain restaurants and bars are alright, supporting independent places is way better.

The Decanter is one of those places and it’s owned by Alex and Alison – and it was Alex who took us through the wine tasting. The setting itself is absolutely beautiful. We’re talking exposed brickwork, reclaimed wood and it’s just oh-so-Instagrammable (blogger priorities, right there).

We started off the tasting with Palmer & Co, Brut Reserve Champagne to cleanse the palette which was absolutely delicious. Even if you haven’t heard of Palmer & Co, you may have already tasted it as when Moet run low on supplies, they actually go to Palmer & Co for their grapes and bottle it for themselves.

The first wine we tried was a white called Cautros Rayas Sauvignon Blanc (Vintage 2014). This wine had tropical undertones, (note undertones, I don’t mean it tasted like Un Bongo), and it was from Northern Spain. Despite being far from a wine expert, I really enjoyed this as it was very fresh and I prefer fruity wines in general.

This beaut is the lovely Lucinda :)

The second white wine was Best’s Great Western Riesling, 2012 vintage. This is an Australian version of the originally German Riesling and Best’s have been making this wine in Victoria for over 140 years. I preferred the Sauvignon to this wine as this one was a little bit more of an acquired taste – it was very light and almost floral with aromas including white blossom.

After the two white wines, we had a break for cheese (of course) which was definitely necessary. I can now see why wine goes with cheese and I feel like I’ve been missing out by limiting myself to cheddar and babybels. I’ll point out now that with an Independent Leeds card, you can get a free cheese platter when you buy a bottle of wine. Just throwing that out there.

We moved onto red wines of which I was a tad dubious (as the last time drank it, I got more than a little tipsy) but I was pleasantly surprised.

The first red we tried was Domaine Eric Louis Pinot Noir 2013 vintage. Eric Louis is all about making wine which is messed with as little as possible in production which was really interesting. This wine has a beautiful deep ruby red colour yet no colours were added and the acidity/sugar levels weren’t altered. I really enjoyed this wine as it has strong aromas of red fruits, which I love.

The final wine we tried was another red, La Bastide St Dominique Chateauneuf du Pape 2011 vintage. This one comes from one of the oldest regions in the Rhone Valley and had a slightly more complex aroma – red fruits, pepper, cardamom and blackberries – making it very full-bodied. Here are Lorna and Lucinda modelling this wine.

We ended the session with Fromage Langres AOC, which is a soft cheese served in the French way – with a shot of Champagne poured over it. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it as it tasted uh-mazing. I didn't get a photo so here's a photo of me and Jenna instead.

As you can probably tell, I relied a lot on the technical notes for this post but if you’re into wine (as I now totally am), drop in to The Decanter for a glass (or bottle) as it’s one of those places which is a stunning setting but won’t break the bank at the same time. Wine starts at £4 a glass for the Sauvignon Blanc which we tried (and I can confirm that it is delicious) which I’d say is pretty reasonable for the centre of Leeds!

Have you been to The Decanter before? Have I persuaded you to go? (And if so, please invite me, I want to go back!).


  1. Oh this looks like so much fun (although I think I'd definitely be pissed if I did this haha!). I'm not massively into wine but I reckon this is a fun night to do with your friends (and it's affordable!) xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Yeah, I'm not one of those people who knows much about wine at all but it's great to learn a bit more about the history and try different types side by side - if anything so you know vaguely what to order next time! It's a lovely wine bar, I'd really recommend going in :) xx