Winding Down with Yoga Hero

Yoga Hero Leeds

Last weekend I was very lucky to be invited down to try a yoga class arranged for some bloggers by Independent Leeds. I had heard very good things about Yoga Hero, who run the classes, as a fair few of my colleagues go regularly, so I was keen to give it a try.

I have tried yoga a few times in the past so it wasn’t a completely new thing for me (thankfully, as the first class is always the one you worry about the most!). I’ve tried it at my gym before but as the group exercise space is right in the middle of the gym and people can watch from the treadmills which overlook it, it’s far from ideal. Especially, y’know, when you’re in downward dog. 

I didn’t actually know much about the origins of yoga until our instructor Holly talked to us about it, focusing specifically on ashtanga yoga. It’s all about being calm, constantly bettering ourselves and never having an ‘end’. That was something which really got me thinking as fitness and health should always be something we should be improving rather than getting to a point and stopping.

As anyone who’s done yoga before will know, it’s not nearly as easy as it looks and your muscles feel like they’ve had a serious workout afterwards, even if it doesn’t feel as strenuous at the time. I was pretty pleased that I could navigate through each position pretty easily and it allowed me to focus on my breathing rather than not falling over.

As Holly guided us through the routine, her voice really calmed me, especially as she moved around the room. I found that yoga really plays on your senses when you’re in such a calm environment and everything seemed heightened. Towards the end of the session, we did some relaxation techniques and combined with the scent of lavender and the soothing music, I could easily have fallen asleep!

If you’re nearby to Leeds dock, I’d really recommend trying out a class at Yoga Hero. Some of my colleagues go during the day (and have promised me that they leave feeling energised for the afternoon at work, whereas I was just completely chilled out) but there are evening classes too. 


  1. It's sounds HEAVENLY. I need a class like this a little closer to home & after work (but surprise surprise most are during the weekdays!) I need a little bit of calm in my life!
    Bee |

    1. It really was amazing, I left feeling so much more calm and collected! If you find one, definitely give it a try :) xx