Why blogging isn't an 'easy option'.

Why blogging isn't an easy option
Today I read an article that made me want to hit my head against a brick wall, and it wasn’t even on the Mail Online. Shocker, I know.

Look Magazine published this article claiming that 24% of 18-24 year olds wanted to be a blogger as a career choice. I’ll throw it out there now, the article itself is not what I have an issue with, it’s what this survey has found. The article also revealed the following reasons why so many of these 18-24 year olds wanted to be a blogger:

1.      Bloggers don’t have to do much work.
2.      Getting good money.
3.      Being admired by other people.
4.      It’s easy.
5.      Bloggers get free stuff.

Any blogger will read this and want to scream. Every person who’s said to me ‘oh I want to start a blog to get free stuff’ will probably nod and agree.

Please note that every person who says to me ‘I want to start a blog to get free stuff’, I could happily hit you in the face with a brick. Just sayin’.

Let’s look at these reasons why people want to be bloggers.

Bloggers don’t have to do much work.

Do they not? Have I gone about this all the wrong way? I’ve been blogging for 2 ½ years now and that has all been for free. I’ve spent time building it, writing regular posts, developing my photography, editing photos, learning best practices, networking, all alongside full time work. Becoming an established blogger takes time so I wouldn’t exactly advise handing in your notice to start a blog (unless you’re living off the bank of mummy and daddy, in that case, you probably don’t have a notice to hand in anyway). So we’re looking at 8 hours a week or more of unpaid work on top of full time work. Yep.

Getting good money.

Oh you hilarious people. What an absolute joke. Yes, Zoella is a YouTube celebrity, I get that, but please do not kid yourself into believing that you starting a blog will have you raking in millions. If that was the case, we’d all be doing it, and we’re not. In your first year you’ll be lucky to be offered the occasional £20 for a few dodgy links and a post about a completely irrelevant topic (which if you have any sense you wouldn’t take as that’s basically blog-suicide). Oh and once you’re established, you’re reliant on brands thinking you’re good enough to throw maybe £50 a post at (so £40 really after tax – yes, bloggers do their own accounts). So that’s an unstable income which isn’t highly paid. And that’s after spending a long time becoming established. What. A. Dream.

Being admired by other people.

If that’s your reason to blog, kindly get your head out of your arse and take yourself off travelling and find yourself or something. Or at the very least have a word with yourself. Are these people for real?! If your self-worth is dependent on whether you hit double figure Instagram likes and have people telling you you’re amazing, you have issues that you need to address. Wanting to become an authority is fine, wanting to create an entirely new persona to feel liked is just ridiculous. Look what happened in Mean Girls! Don’t become a cold, hard, shiny plastic.

It’s easy.

These 18-24 year olds are just too cute. Honestly, please tell me about how you taught yourself coding. How you learnt all about SEO and keep regularly up to date with Google’s continuous updates. (if you don’t know what a penguin and a panda are in the online world and you want to be a blogger, please close the door on your way out). About how you read the ASA guidelines to make sure you are following the rules to make sure you don’t get a smacked bum for not making the correct declarations. How you learnt how to take photos and edit them (with the £250+ camera you bought yourself as ain’t nobody giving you that shit for free). How you developed a writing style worth reading. Come back to me when you’ve ticked that list off and tell me it’s easy.

Bloggers get free stuff. 

Anyone who thinks that they’ll start a blog and immediately get freebies is kidding themselves. Firstly, PR agencies have cottoned on to the absolute blaggers (those people who turn up to every event possible for the free prosecco, that kind of thing) and their standards are high. I work in the industry, I know this for a fact. Starting a blog means in Google’s eyes, you start from scratch and your domain authority score of 1 and a few hundred Twitter followers is nothing. It might sound harsh, but you have to earn your place.

So, now I’ve outlined why these people who believe blogging is the way forward are massively deluded if they think those reasons are realistic, let’s just take a step back and look at what they’re really saying.

These people surveyed are basically lazy. They want to do something that’s easy, that doesn’t take much time, get free stuff, be paid good money and have everyone think they’re mint for it. That’s the dream right? Anyone want to volunteer to pull these peoples’ heads out of the clouds and give them a tug back down to reality?

Whatever happened to a work ethic? I haven’t been unemployed since I was 16 years old. 5 years of that was alongside full time education. I’ve been running a blog for 2 ½ years alongside full time work. Is wanting to earn a living and feel like you’ve achieved something no longer what 18-24 year olds want? I like to think not. If these people who have declared these reasons for wanting to be a blogger could do out and find a work ethic, that would be a delight.

Would you admire someone who had never had to try? Nope. In fact, in my personal opinion, there is nothing less attractive than that kind of attitude. I want to surround myself with people who want to be the best they can be. Whether that’s in their careers, as a friend, as a parent, as a role model, as a partner, it’s something we should all be doing to increase our own self worth.

I’ll end this post with this:

Bloggers work fucking hard. True bloggers are there because they have a passion for writing, for their subject, for making their blog an extension of themselves. The bloggers who are essentially freebie-grabbers massively let the side down and if you start a blog for the reasons above, I’m afraid, you are a dickhead. #SorryNotSorry. Other bloggers will see through it, as will the PRs who you think will fund your champagne lifestyle. Newsflash, they won’t.

So, thoughts? 


  1. I completely agree with you (yet again). I couldn't believe that this survey was taken from people who are MY AGE. I mean, seriously? I have a Masters' degree and currently work four jobs - and I run a blog and honestly? The blog probably takes up much more time and effort. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it, but easy? No way.

    The other worrying thing about the article was the 3/4 of the people surveyed had tried blogging and still had these views. Where are all the millionaire 18-25 year olds with careers from blogging? It clearly can't have worked for the people surveyed, yet they still have these views - I find it really odd and can't quite explain it


    1. That's what confused me - the fact that people have tried it yet aren't millionaires when it's that easy?! I've had a couple of friends see the opportunities I've had from blogging who then decided to start blogs - which lasted all of about 3 posts when they realised that you need a passion for writing and some knowledge of how to run a website. It does frustrate me when people don't take blogging seriously as many people think it's really easy! xx

  2. Yes you are so right. I loved this post. I still new to blogging but even I know that it's hard work.

    I worked for four years, then I went back to school for three and now I've been at home for two due to mental health issues. The 'get it all, do nothing' generation makes me so sad. Man I feel old.
    I started my blog to have something to do. It don't really make me anny money yet and maybe it never will. But I do this because I love it. One day I hope that I can have a job again though. But I will still keep my beloved blog on the side./love Ida

    1. Thanks for your comment Ida :) It's frustrating isn't it that there seems to be a new generation that have very little work ethic?! Though, (thankfully) this survey doesn't speak for the majority and I'm sure not every young adult is expecting everything on a plate!

      I guess the beauty of being a genuine blogger is still wanting to keep a blog running without any material or monetary benefits - though these are great, it's not the reason to have a blog! :) xx

  3. This is unbelievable! Well written. I find it v sad, like you, that people want an easy ride and are arrogant enough to believe they can do it just like that. I've been blogging almost 11years now and whilst I've never tried to do any paid or PR things (I'm a teacher and do not want my contact details available for kids or parents to find), I do work very hard at blogging and I'm slightly insulted by the insinuation that it is easy and makes one popular just like that. Anyway, nice to meet you and great article!x

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate your comment! I do think it's sad that there are so many people who believe it's an easy way to get a glamorous lifestyle. I guess it's one of those things that you won't know until you try. A lot of my friends have tried to start blogs because they see the opportunities I've had only to sack it off early on when they realise they have very little to say when it's a blog for all of the wrong reasons! x