Vintage Feels

Vintage Frame Chain

You know when you have your opening photo for a post and realise you're literally pouting into a glass of red wine? Standard.


The whole retro/alternative thing has been doing the rounds for a good few years now, especially since the hipster look dropped into the mainstream like a ton of ombre-d bricks. But actual vintage, taking inspiration from our elders, is a look that’s a little bit harder to master.

And I’m not talking elasticated waistbands and slippers when I say taking inspiration, I’m talking about those super-sassy women who with years of experience have become the most confident, outrageous and fantastic role models to our generation. It’s that kind of spirit, combined with their style that I’d dearly love to emulate. (Though elasticated waistbands and slippers are the dream on solo nights in where you Instagram your food not your outfit. Just sayin').

Recently I was asked to do a review of a glasses chain from Frame Chain and I thought this would be the perfect accessory when I knew I had an opportunity to dress up coming up. 

I actually ended up wearing it as a necklace on the day itself but this beautiful rose-gold chain really complimented my monochrome look. Would I wear it as a glasses chain? Yes, I definitely would. My hairstyle (as I accidentally left myself all of half an hour to get ready) wouldn’t have worked with the chain worn like that but it’s one of those things, I’d definitely love to give it a try. For me, as my glasses don’t leave my face ever (totes a bit blind) it’s all about a fashion statement but I’m totally down with that.

(Less pouting and white wine this time, excellent)

But anyway, back to my outfit. When I want to go for a simple yet stylish look, I tend to go by these five rules:

1. Black, white and grey work best. In a sea of colour, it’s actually this neutral palette that stands out. Especially this duster coat which I recently picked up in the Debenhams sale and absolutely adore. £18 well spent.
2. Red lipstick is essential. Because, duh. Anyone can wear a red lip once they find the right one for them and it makes every woman look fearless.
3. Heels. I’m not usually one for wearing heels on a day to day basis but I absolutely love these ankle boots with a double zip. I picked them up in New Look a couple of years ago but their heeled boot collection is always on point.
4. Timeless jewellery. I wore my frame chain as a necklace but as it’s a rose gold twisted rope, it’s one of those that will go with everything but is enough by itself to make a statement. Now I just need some more rose gold pieces to layer it with...
5. A classic bag. My Mulberry baby (yes it is my baby, no you may not hold it), is brown leather and goes with everything and I love it more than I really should for a handbag. #SorryNotSorry.

What do you think of this look? It’s not what I’d usually go for but I can feel my style changing at the moment. Mainly going from less of a total scruff to dressing like an adult. Who’d have thought it?!


  1. You look great in those photos, I wish I could pull off a glasses chain as good as you! :)

    1. Thanks Jess :) I'm definitely going to wear it as a necklace all the time, rose gold is my new favourite thing in the world :) xx