This is one of those subjects that as I write this, I know people some people will cringe a bit reading it. I’d apologise for that only I’m not sorry (#sorrynotsorry) as y’know, women have periods, it’s a thing, it’s happened for many years.

What I will apologise for however is the word 'Tamponversation'. I'm just not sure how I feel about it and it was a suggested title - credit to my friend Kris for that one.


Today, it was discussed in parliament as to whether the luxury tax should be removed from feminine hygiene products and like most women, I’m appalled to find out that this is even a thing.

Call me ignorant, but until recently I was not aware that feminine hygiene products such as tampons and sanitary towels were considered a ‘luxury’ item in this country. And you know why that is? Because I deemed it common sense to assume that a necessary product for 50% of the population would be a right rather than a luxury.

Silly, silly me.

I think we should note now that under the ‘VAT Free Necessities’ list are Jaffa Cakes and Tortilla Chips. Apparently, they are things we need more in our lives than tampons. Who knew?

The government are essentially cashing in on women having periods rather than both men and women who are a fan of nachos. Just me that thinks there’s something massively wrong here? 

When it comes to the monetary saving made by individuals, it’s likely to be a substantial amount each month. But when it’s 50% of the population spending money every month on those products, that’s one hell of a lot that goes towards the government. I’m unsure as to how it’s fair that a product which can only be used by 50% of the population can be deemed a luxury. Men don’t have to spend this money every month, but women do. And that little bit extra cash on top goes to the government.

To me, this debate isn’t even about feminism, it’s about common sense. You don’t have to be a feminist to realise that this tax is just ridiculous.

Personally, I deem a luxury item to be an item that you can live without. Items like alcohol, cigarettes and the like. Items you don’t need to improve your quality of life. Items that you can give or take. I'll take the alcohol and pass on the fags, thanks.

Any person who tells me that the women of Britain should be able to just give up using feminine hygiene products really needs to have a word with themselves. I mean, come on, be realistic. Whilst any woman has the right to free bleed if she so wishes, (like this lady here) I very much doubt it’s something the female masses will be taking it up. And, I’ll go as far as making this sweeping statement and say that I doubt most men would be too chuffed with the idea of women in the UK exercising their right to free bleed after giving up ‘luxury’ hygiene products. 

Think this topic is getting a little gross? Is it making you feel uncomfortable to read words like ‘free bleed’? I can see why. It’s not a nice thought. But the government think these products are something women can live without as they’re a 'luxury'.

Given on average, one in four women are on their period at any one time, that’s one in four women in your gym, on the tube, in your office. What if those one in four women gave up the ‘luxury’ sanitary products (as we all know that ‘luxury’ means you don’t ‘need’ it, right?) and decided to free bleed? Those women in your gym that you use the machines after. The woman who leaves an empty seat on the tube when she gets off at her stop. The women in your office who sit in the staff room with you at lunchtime. Yeah, it’s a pretty grim prospect when you think about it like that. 

Let's face it, women everywhere will appreciate that being on your period can be pretty shitty. It's uncomfortable, it hurts, sometimes you need to take time off work and it can turn you into a hormonal mess. Is making that situation hygienic and a bit more comfortable really a 'luxury'?

As I post this, there is a chance the EU could scrap this tax. Let's hope they do as it really is a joke.

So, tell me, is feminine care something you think is a ‘luxury’? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. It's stupid, I might free bleed and send david Cameron the evidence, he'll soon change his mind