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If, like me, you follow every fitness, health and well-being profile on Instagram, you soon begin to lose a grip on what is actually ‘real’. You know the accounts I mean? The ones with beautiful food, toned abs and fitness motivation? I’m just too guilty of this.

The thing is, I’m not stupid. I know that Instagram needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as it’s a filter of the real world. It’s people choosing what they put up and a lot of the time, those things are what represents their ‘brand’. Fitness bloggers will put up idyllic shots of them doing yoga on a beach but you don’t expect a selfie when they crying their hearts out into a tub of Ben and Jerrys because they have PMT and decided to watch The Notebook, do you?

Luckily for me, I’ve met people who in real life who could (and are) these online personas.

Last weekend, I was invited to Predator Nutrition in Leeds to meet Ryan Terry. He’s a fitness model, has worked for Calvin Klein, represents USN and competes in physique competitions around the world.

Yes, being a blogger is such hard work sometimes. Sigh.

Anyway. You know what was really inspiring about meeting him? He’s just a genuinely nice guy. He’s from Doncaster (being from God’s own county tends to make everyone that bit better) and he started at the gym because he had low self esteem and fitness helped him with that. Fast forward a few years and he’s in Las Vegas competing in Mr Olympia. Now that is inspiration. Meeting such a big Instagram star in the flesh made me realise that these people are normal people who lead crazy lives but got there because of their own hard work and dedication. That’s the thing about fitness, nobody can do it for you.

Another person who I’ve seen turn their life around is a friend of mine. He went from fighting for his life shortly after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease to being totally dedicated to health and fitness a few years later. Again, battling with self esteem issues, he gives zero fucks about the scars his fight has left him with or the disease he fights daily that has such a massive stigma around. And you know what? That’s pretty impressive for a 24 year old guy who when I first met him a few years ago had very little confidence.

What this post has made me realise is that whilst Instagram is a fantastic social media platform, it’s a bit of an illusion. Becoming obsessed with perfectly photoshopped bodies isn’t realistic but when you find those accounts of the genuine people – the personal trainers, the aspiring fitness models – the ones who document the highs and the lows, they’re worth following. When you take away the gloss and find the honesty (and those accounts are there, I promise), they really can be a more human source of inspiration.


  1. Really interesting post - it can be hard sometimes to not compare yourself to these toned abs and what-not but at the end of the day as you reminded me IG is what people to choose to put up, great thoughts and thanks for sharing this, completely agree with you.
    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

    1. Thanks for your comment Hannah :) I do forget that about Instagram sometimes and it's only when I realise that I'm only putting the best bits of my own life on there that I realise that everyone does! There are some fantastic instagram accounts and also bloggers who post the bad as well as the good though and they're always the most inspiring xx