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Cutler and Gross Leeds

As the Victoria Quarter in Leeds were having a shopping event, I was very lucky to be invited in to Cutler and Gross, who are a luxury eyewear brand that has recently opened.

After spending some time looking at what the rest of the VQ had to offer on the night (we’re talking show girls, singers, some amazing discounts across all of the shops and one hell of a lot of prosecco), Jess (the blogging wife, I’d be lost without her) and I headed to Cutler and Gross to be shown round.

Devon from Cutler and Gross talked us through the different collections, including the new Cocktail Collection which I thought was absolutely stunning. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear glasses named after cocktails?! As I’m a big fan of cat-eye shaped glasses, their Tequila Sunrise frames are an absolute favourite of mine.

As a brand, Cutler and Gross are all about quintessentially British style and they have been trading for over 40 years. They have some big names wearing their brands including Rihanna, Tinie Tempah and Sir Elton John and they trade across the world – they’re a big name in eyewear.

I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to photograph not only in store but in the testing room (where photos had been banned at the press launch). *Inserts sassy hair flick for having access all areas*.

They have state of the art equipment and are a far cry from your standard opticians. Their service is bespoke and tailored to every customer. Whilst you can easily go get a pretty good eye test on the highstreet, Cutler and Gross have the equipment that’s more advanced than what you would get in a commercial chain. They’re committed to finding the best solutions to keep your eyes in the best possible health. What I really loved about the testing room is that it's so calming. Some people can get nervous about eye tests (just like the dentist!) and it's just so much more relaxing going into a room that isn't intimidating.

As you’d imagine, their glasses come with a pricetag which starts at around £265 for the Cutler and Gross Cocktail Collection. They are expensive, but for glasses you’d wear every day? You’d get cost-per-wear in under a year. I’m a great believer in investing in quality frames and I’m the type of person where I will pay a pretty hefty pricetag for the glasses I want. At the end of the day, they’re the first thing people notice about me! And after all, you only get one pair of eyes and surely everyone deserves the best sight possible?

Have you been to Cutler and Gross before? Let me know your thoughts!

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