Winter Shoes – A Checklist

Winter Shoe Checklist

I’ve mentioned this quite recently on my blog that I’m well and truly over the whole wearing shit shoes in winter thing. As a fully fledged adult, I’ve finally come to appreciate that not only is it worth investing in good quality shoes but also the products you need to make them last. And in case you're interested, the shoes in the photo are New Look and were reduced to £11 in the sale - buying leather out of season really is the one.

First up, leather stretch. I picked this up from a shoe shop for about £4 and it’s the stuff of miracles. Yes, it does make your feet stink but spending an evening with thick socks and your new shoes on your feet will make them that little bit less uncomfortable in that nasty wearing-in period. I tend to use this stuff the first few times I wear a pair of leather shoes just to soften them up a bit and mould them to your feet so they fit like a dream.

Next, insoles. They just make every shoe situation that bit more comfy and cosy. Also, if your shoes are a smidge too big, these can take you up a half size to make them fit that little bit better and then  you’ll get more wear out of them – mainly as you’ll actually wear them! I was send these ones by Odor-Eaters to try and I put them in my new leather shoes. They neutralise foot odour and control sweat and though I have zero issues with smelly feet (honestly, I don’t), when you’re walking to and from work and wearing the same shoes all day, these make it a fresher experience. As you can see from the photo, you cut them out to your size then pop them in your shoes. Easy peasy.

Leather protect. You know how leather goes funny looking when it gets wet? Leather may be strong and durable but it’s not immune from our soggy climes - this one is from Hotter Shoes and is just perfect. Spraying it on every couple of weeks keeps them protected and they’ll last one hell of a lot longer.

Now we’ve established that I’m well and truly a responsible adult (kind of), what are your tips for keeping your toes dry in winter? Other than just not going out, which I’m 100% down with.

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