Turtle Bay Launch Night – York

Turtle Bay York

I'm always up for trying new places and I was really excited to hear that Turtle Bay have just opened up a restaurant in York. Though I hadn’t heard of them before, it turns out they have chains across the country but this is the first one near me, so I was keen to go along to their VIP launch night.

With my mum as my plus one (she really does make the best plus one), we headed down to see what the fuss was all about. As we rounded the corner, heard the music and spotted the red carpet, we knew instantly that they had gone all out.

We were greeted with a passion fruit cocktail that was absolutely delicious – they’re clearly a place to stop by at on an evening for a drink as their cocktail menu seemed pretty extensive and they’re ‘proper’ cocktails. As we headed inside, it’s incredible to see the transformation. Earlier this year, the space was taken by a Laura Ashley store and it’s now a whole other world. The attention to detail in the decor is second to none with the quirky lighting and wall full of boom-boxes.

Luckily for us, we got to try some of the food that was going round, including jerk chicken and calamari. I was really impressed by the chicken – it was perfectly seasoned, with a spicy kick. I’d definitely be up for going back there for food, especially as I spotted goat burgers on the menu which is something I’ve always wanted to try!

After a couple of drinks (poor mum was driving so didn’t get to experience the delicious rum and lemonade I had), we decided to call it a night and head elsewhere for a sit down meal whilst the party was definitely continuing inside.

It wouldn’t be fair not to note that there has been a bit of negative press recently about the tipping procedure in place at Turtle Bay. Personally, I believe that the way tips work in any organisation is a contractual agreement, therefore whilst an employee has chosen to sign it, then it is between the staff and the management.

Turtle Bay definitely provides something different and diverse in York and it was altogether an enjoyable evening. I’ll definitely be going back as I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the staff are very friendly and I’ve already heard good things from friends about having dinner there too.

Have you been to Turtle Bay before? Let me know your thoughts :)

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