The Final Quarter

The final quarter
Forgive me for mentioning the ‘C Word’ in September but why does it feel like Christmas is pretty much just around the corner? Whilst I’ve been told that I need to wait until at least after Halloween to start thinking about it, getting into September has made me realise just how quickly this year has gone! That, and realising how many paydays it is until Christmas made me panic just a little bit.

There’s a lot to be said about the month of September. For me, this is the first time since I was a very little kid that it hasn’t signified a major life change. Right from starting school through to finishing university, starting a gap year and then starting a graduate scheme this time last year, this month has been all about new beginnings. But this year, less so.

In fact, this September has is the first to see me settled. In a job, in a city, in a living space. Unlike when I moved over to Leeds last year, I actually feel like this is home now. Though my friendship groups are still widespread, being in this city makes me happy and I can’t imagine myself leaving within the near future. Scary, right?

I thought I’d do a little list post about why this time of year is great, mainly as the weather flipped a switch at the start of the month and summer really does seem to be over. I’m not massive on summer, I’m more of a Spring and Autumn kind of girl. I like the change-y feelings and not having to worry about under-boob sweat/frost bite. Yeah, I know, I’m just so attractive sometimes.

So yeah, reasons to love Autumn.

1. September means new stationary. I don’t care that I’m no longer in education, I still need sexy little notebooks from Paperchase that I can Instagram. Not even sorry.

2. Layers. Who doesn’t love layers? There’s nothing better than feeling wrapped up and snug with a blouse, chunky jumper over the top and a few cute necklaces. The dream.

3. Autumn clothes shopping. Yep, last years knitwear is just not cutting it and I must go straight to H&M for a whole new wardrobe. Woops.

4. Beer garden afternoons turn into cosy evenings in pubs. These get even better when they involve mulled cider. Who doesn’t love that?

5. Everyone finally stops posting photos of themselves in bikinis in exotic locations (apart from the gap year wankers that still seem to be knocking about my Facebook), so there’s a bit less wanderlust jealousy going on. Until everyone starts on city breaks, but hey, at least they’re cheap and you don’t have to diet for them.

6. *Whispers* the countdown to Christmas markets is on.

7. Saturday night TV has gone from shit back up to average. Strictly, X Factor, both over-done and outdated but hey, it makes for a great girls night when you’re skint after blowing your entire bank balance on a shit hot dress for party season.

8. The gym gets quieter. Despite the whole ‘summer bodies are made in winter malarkey’, that can be a problem for 2016 whilst I sit at home in my onesie. (I will still go, I promise).

9. Realising that you still need to diet for the Christmas do so you’d better make the most of the gym whilst it’s quiet. Woops.

10. Fresh starts. When you look back and realise that you still have New Years Resolutions to tick off, it’s probably about time to get round to them. (I’ll be doing a round up off mine in December).

So, they’re the reasons that I love Autumn – what are your thoughts? Are you embracing the new season or are the post-summer blues well and truly kicking in?

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  1. Agree with all of them! I feel like Christmas is sooner than it really is too, I've already started Christmas shopping, oops! Speaking of stationery, there's a fresh post on my blog about adorable stationery! xx