Online Dating – Again.

Online Dating
I’ve written a fair bit in the past about online dating, what works, what doesn’t, nightmare first dates and all of that. But recently, as I’ve actually been using Plenty of Fish a bit more regularly, I thought I’d share the top 7 things I’ve experienced which just make me cringe.

1. Double messaging. 
I appreciate that if you don’t check your sent messages first, it’s an easy mistake to make but sending someone the same message several times over? Really. Please keep your copied and pasted messages to yourself. I just can’t deal.

2. Bad tattoos. 
It frustrates me at the best of times when people list themselves as ‘tattooed and pierced’ when they have one tribal tramp stamp from when they went to Magaluf 5 years ago anyway, but having seen someone post a photo of their arse with ‘YOUR NAME’ tattooed across it... are you for real? Is that the kind of person you’d take home to your mum? 

3. Selfies at work. 
As my stalking abilities are second to none, advertising where you work makes you only a few clicks away from being found on every social media account you own (#SorryNotSorry). Which is fine if you only attract completely normal people (who will just have a nose about.... guilty) but as there are a few fruitloops on POF (understatement of the century), do you really want to be advertising that you work somewhere that makes you easy to track down? Probs not.

4. Advertising your services. 
As POF obviously has a lot of members, if you have something to offer, there is a potential customer base there, but luring women in with a normal looking main image onto to scroll through and find a photo of your dungeon? Surely there are better, more targeted, places on the internet to show off your red room?

5. All photos are in groups. 
Do I want to spend 10 minutes working out which guy is the common denominator and is in them all? Nah.

6. Over-sharing. 
This is a 100% true story (according to a guys’ profile). A guy dropped me a perfectly innocent first message, I checked out his profile and it recounted the mother of all Jeremy Kyle scenarios. Apparently he’d been in a 7 year relationship, due to marry and not long before the wedding, one of the bridesmaids told him that his bride to be had been shagging his brother. This all happened 3 years ago, he hasn’t spoken to his ex or brother since and that’s why he’s still single. What. A. Catch.

7. POF discrimination. 
I’m not sure if this is the case for everyone but during a wild Friday night where my friend came over and we drank tea (yes, I know, I can’t even handle it), we realised that I was able to access a lot more information on POF than he was. I don’t know if it’s a glitch that’s given me upgraded features or if it’s because I’m female, but it seems that I get a lot more perks like being able to see when messages are read and who wants to meet me. Sexism, right there.

Have you had any online dating LOLs, disasters or just plain weird situations? Please let me know in the comments, I could always do with a giggle!


  1. Always love your dating posts - oversharing is a definite turn off.

    Also you are the first person to mention POF discrimination! I panicked when this started happening as I assumed I'd been upgraded (and I was not gonna be paying!) It's obviously less unusual than I thought if you have it too


  2. I've had absolutely zero luck with POF. I only signed up a few months ago. First time around I deleted it after a month because I got weirded out, second time around I haven't found anyone that's actually even good to talk to, let alone go on a date with.