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Tropical World Leeds

I’ll apologise now if this is the worst written blog post in the world as I’m currently nursing a hangover from hell, haven’t actually slept yet and given this is my first official day of weightwatchers, a bacon sandwich is not on my horizon. All the sympathy, my way, thanks.

But anyway, yesterday (or last Saturday as it will be by the time this post is live), I went for a little afternoon trip to Tropical World in Leeds with my sister and I thought I’d share it. Unlike what you’d think, this isn’t a place that’s just for kids – there were plenty of grown-ups knocking about without little people in toe.

We arrived and found out that the entry charge is £5, with various discounts for Leeds residents and the usual concessions. For what we got, that’s pretty damned good! We only stuck around for about an hour and a half but you could easily spend a couple of hours both in the centre and the surrounding park, especially if you’re treated to a sunny day and have kids with you. Or alternatively, your 24 year old sister.

Tropical World has a fair bit to offer which I think is due to a recent re-vamp. There are different areas where you can see butterflies, birds, fish, reptiles and some ginormous and frankly terrifying spiders. After seeing one spider which eats birds (it was approximately the size of my head and could definitely take me in a fight), my sister, Charlotte, screamed and got a few bemused looks from the surrounding kids. Woops.

I loved the butterfly enclosure, despite it being the most humid place in the world. There were helpful signs pointing out the particularly jazzy creatures and the highlight was seeing on land on another visitors’ hat.

We also saw meerkats who were just knocking about their enclosure doing meerkat-y things, tortoises which were amazing, some giant snakes and even bats. There is a crocodile at Tropical World too – after suggesting to Charlotte that it looked fake, as it didn’t seem to be moving, it gave us a little twitch to prove us wrong. Maybe he heard us?

Naturally, whilst we were there, I got Charlotte to take some photos of my outfit. I’ve been a fan of the black skinnies/white shirt thing for a while now and these are both from New Look. Standard me. My shoes are my new babies from Hotter Shoes which you can read all about here and my hair *apparently* makes me look like Princess Leia. Mixed feelings on that one. Charlotte’s top is Primark, jeans could well be New Look (who knows?) and her sunglasses are new and by Joules (at Boots and are currently half price).

So, that’s my trip to Tropical World – have you ever been? What did you think?

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