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Hotter Shoes Leeds

This week I was introduced to an entirely new brand, when I was invited to the launch night of Hotter Shoes in Leeds. I love shoes so when the Hotter team got in touch, I jumped at the opportunity to go along and see what the store had to offer.

Despite Hotter’s reputation for being a brand aimed at a target demographic perhaps slightly older than me, the first time I spotted the their shoes after receiving the invite was in Cosmopolitan magazine – needless to say, their reputation for ‘older’ styles is getting seriously lost! They are one of those brands that they themselves admit gets associated with ‘the shoes your mum would wear’ when actually, there are shoes in there that are similar to Topshop, New Look and the like but they’re just a better quality and better fitting version. Also, my mum has pretty good taste when it comes to shoes. Just sayin’. There really are shoes to suit everyone in Hotter, whether it’s brogues, loafers or boots – choosing a pair was seriously tricky!

Hotter focuses on creating shoes that are not only stylish but also that are built for comfort and longevity. They’re the shoes you look good in but also feel good in. At the end of the day, cheap shoes aren’t great for your feet, they don’t last that long and the chances are you’ll end up with blisters. Whilst I was a student, whatever, I didn’t quite have the disposable income to invest, but now? I ain’t got time to spend putting 6 million plasters on my feet because my shoes rub. Nope. I want shoes that look amazing and feel like a dream. I also want shoes I can wear to work that aren’t Converse, what with me trying to look more like an adult nowadays.

The store began back in 1959 with a slipper factory set up by Thomas and Harriet Houlgrave – and it is their son Stewart who found the same passion for footwear and is still involved in Hotter today. He travelled the world to find the best ways to make the most comfortable shoes and in 1992, the Hotter Comfort Concept was born.

With supportive soles that have shock absorbing bubbles in them, no inside seams to rub your feet and different width fittings, Hotter began to cater for everyone who wanted shoes that felt like slippers. In 1996 they launched their first catalogue, branching out into shoes created in more colours and in 2002 they opened their first highstreet store. Now they have stores all over the UK. The technology within these shoes is just incredible – there has been extensive research into making these shoes this comfy and I don’t think it’s quite reflected in the price tag. I’d pay the prices quite happily for quality leather shoes and that’s without the comfort factor thrown in.

At the launch night, Rik and his team in Leeds helped all of us bloggers to find a perfectly fitting pair of shoes to take home with us. Needless to say, they must all have been worn out as we all tried on so many pairs! What I love about the store is that the staff really know their stuff – it’s like when you have your school shoes fitted, you get individual attention and they’re really dedicated to getting you the perfect fit. That included trying half and full insoles which is great if you have differently sized feet of if you’re between sizes.

So, what do you think of Hotter shoes? I strongly recommend that if you’re around Leeds you definitely should pop in – it’s near Lush so really you have no excuses as everyone always goes to Lush when they go to Leeds.

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