Dinner at The Liquorist

The Liquorist Leeds
I thought I’d do a post about this absolute babe of a restaurant in Leeds after I went there on Sunday and you know when some places just need shouting about? This is one of them. I have actually been before as The City Girls was held there but Sunday was an opportunity to really take in the surroundings and relax.

I headed there with Lorna, Lucinda and Jenna, after we’d been to another event (more on that to come!) as we just weren’t quite ready to go home. By that I mean, we were pretty pissed and too caught up in the lols to go our separate ways. Pretty standard for an afternoon with these girls!

We headed in and were sat down in a booth and chose our first round of cocktails. Naturally, we were torn between highest alcohol content and what would look the best on Instagram. Shocker. I went for the English Country Garden which is Hendrick’s and St Germain elderflower liqueur, cucumber, mint, lime and served long with apple juice. Yes, I know, it’s practically a salad.

After a lot of blogger gossiping, catching up and the like, we ordered our mains from the set menu (2 courses for a tenner, absolute bargain) and I went for the wild mushroom ravioli which was absolutely amazing. It was served in a creamy white wine sauce and just thinking about it is making me hungry all over again.

Lorna had a burger which looked pretty mighty too!

Once we’d eaten our mains, naturally we ordered a second round of cocktails and our lovely waitress Jo (who looks just like Cara Delevingne and was an absolute babe – we invited her to join us but unfortunately she had to continue y’know, being at work) arranged for us to have a surprise round. After the cameras had all come out (standard bloggers), she arranged for the best bar guy in the place to make us drinks that would look amazing in photos and they really were just that. This is the photo of them that I put on Instagram – a French Martini, Singapore Sling, Express Martini and a Bramble. They looked as good as they tasted FYI.

Naturally we were all keen to have dessert and we all chose the cookie dough (from the set menu) which was amazing. I’ve had *cough* a fair few cookie dough desserts in my time and this was by far the best, mainly as it was a chocolatey goodness plate of heaven. I’d recommend. In fact, I wish I had one right now.

So, that was my trip to The Liquorist in Leeds – if you haven’t been before, get yourself there. Drink the cocktails, eat the food, Instagram the shit out of everything and spend hours there. In fact, drinking through the cocktail menu is a fantastic idea and I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that before. 

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