Autumn Wishlist

Autumn Wishlist
I’m not entirely sure what happened but the moment the 1st September hit, it seems like we switched from Summer to Autumn quite literally overnight and I’m actually really happy about that. Forgive me for sounding like the Grinch of summer but hot weather doesn’t really do it for me. As the least outdoors-y person ever (yes, I am allergic to fresh air and yes, one ray of sunlight will burn my milky white skin into an attractive shade of lobster), I’m actually a bit grateful to be back to layering, knitwear, skinny jeans and being able to walk to work without arriving hot and bothered.

I actually am the Grinch of summer aren’t I? Yeah, no fucks are given. Sorry.

But as we’re now into a frankly better season which has fewer buzzy insects and more opportunities for nights in with candles, here’s a little wishlist of all things Autumn which I’m lusting after.

1. New Look Zip Front Top
2. New Look Burgundy Top
3. River Island Checked Blouse
4. Topshop Watch
5. Yours Clothing Ivory Blouse
6. River Island Striped Blouse
7. Marks and Spencer Cape
8. New Look Jeans
9. Clarks Boots
10. New Look Bag

What do you think of my wishlist? Any faves on there? Let me know in the comments :)

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