Afternoon Tea at Bettys – York

Lady Betty Afternoon Tea Bettys York
It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE afternoon tea and I was lucky enough to go along with Jessica as her plus one to review the Lady Betty Afternoon Tea at Bettys in York.

I’ve been to Bettys a few times in the past – though contrary to popular belief, despite being from York, I didn’t grow up going there every weekend! It’s one of those beautiful places reserved for special occasions and it was an absolute treat to go and sit in The Belmont Room – a private dining room upstairs.

When we arrived, we were shown to our table and had a glass of champagne as we perused the tea menu. As a fan of green tea, I went for green tea with jasmine blossom which was a loose leaf tea, served without milk. It was very floral and delicate which I absolutely loved.

As we were having the Lady Betty afternoon tea, we had two small taster courses before the actual afternoon tea which was lovely and very unexpected. My first one was a prawn cocktail on an avocado mousse. Though I’m not usually a seafood fan, this was delicious. The sauce was creamy, the prawns tasted very meaty and the avocado mousse was very light and complimented the other textures.

Next was a savoury selection – a miniature pork and apple pie slice and a smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill roulade. The pork pie was heavenly, as you can imagine! I don’t know whether it’s a Yorkshire thing or a taste that I inherited from my dad but I absolutely love pork pie. As I mentioned, anything fishy doesn’t tend to be my thing but I surprised myself and tried the smoked salmon. It’s one of those things where it was perhaps a little too much for me though I know that anyone who really enjoys it would have thought it was incredible.

After our two appetisers, we were really excited for the tea itself. The sandwiches were amazing! What stood out for me was that each sandwich was on a different bread. I had roast ham with tomato pate and sun-blushed tomato bread, coronation chicken on pumpkin seed bread and egg mayonnaise on sourdough. My favourite was the egg mayonnaise as it’s a childhood favourite of mine.

The scones were bite-sized which was perfect for us as we felt like otherwise we’d have been too full to try everything! We had a scone flavoured with Yorkshire lavender and a sultana scone each. I love floral flavours and the lavender scone had a pleasant aftertaste. We had them with cream and jam (jam first, cream on top, of course).

As we were moving on towards our cakes, we tried a different tea each and I chose the Ceyon Blue Sapphire Tea which is infused with cornflower petals. This was absolutely delicious and can be served with either milk or lemon.

Our cakes were, as you’d imagine, absolutely divine. Mine consisted of an apple and caramel macaroon, fresh fruit meringue and a chocolate praline slice. All three were delicious but I particularly enjoyed the macaroon as I haven’t had one since I was in Paris a few years ago.

Bettys is a truly magical afternoon tea experience. We left with some loose leaf tea in a little tin which was a lovely parting gift! There were lots of people there to celebrate special occasions as it’s such a treat – I’d definitely go back! The atmosphere is complimented by the pianist and the staff are incredibly knowledgeable about all of the teas and the food.

Have you been to Bettys before? What did you think?

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