Adulting like a pro.

Adulting like a pro
You know what? Despite writing a few blog posts about how I’ve lived alone and been a fully fledged grown up for a year, a sneaky little realisation has dawned on me – I am an actual adult.

I realised this when I was at an event last week and was asked if I had kids. Despite the fact that I can’t even find my phone half the time, let alone ‘the one’ and that I can’t even commit to a pet, having a family is actually a thing people do at my age. On purpose and everything. Who knew?

But as I’m in the process of getting my life together etc (no, I’m not getting engaged/married/pregnant/a cat), I thought I’d put a post together of the signs of adulthood that have crept into my life.

1. I have a serious job. That didn’t really creep into my life but having gone from a university to temping and then to a graduate scheme, this is my first permanent position of my career. Whilst I’m very lucky to be supported in my development, I’m no longer a ‘graduate’.

2. I’m registered at a doctors’. I actually did this today and could easily have vommed in the waiting room because I was that hungover, but I digress. I’ve been in Leeds a year and put it off because thankfully, I’ve not needed any medical attention. I still don’t actually, but prevention is cheaper than the cure.

3. I’ve found a washing liquid that is so freshly scented that people comment on it and yes it is the one that my mum uses. Bold 2 in 1 lavender and camomile if you’re interested. Proper grown-ups have fantastic smelling clean clothes. Yep.

4. I eat vegetables when I’m not trying to lose weight just because they’re good for you. Who knew that was a thing, eh?
5. Hangovers are hell. Never again will I drink 5 glasses of wine on an empty stomach after a particularly long work meeting. You know why? Today I have felt appalling.

6. When I know I’m going to be massively hungover, I book the next day off work. Yep, annual leave spent feeling horrendous due to midweek drinking. This is the life of a young professional apparently.

7. I invest in quality shoes. True story. Nobody likes cold, wet feet before you’ve even got to work and long gone are the days of trying to make a pair of £8 pumps last through winter. I’m all about wearing in shoes with preventative plasters and spraying them with that waterproofing stuff. Yep.

8. Young people on nights out piss me off. This has been the case for a while actually but having my glasses grabbed off my face by a spotty 18 year old fresher wasn’t exactly a highlight when I went out last weekend.

9. I’ve realised that it’s important to share the love. Working in social media, I see a lot of the particularly negative, shaming and generally nasty words that float around on news sites and it’s made me realise how far a compliment can go. Hearing someone say ‘I like your top’ or ‘that work you did was really good’ can make someone’s day but just thinking it instead of acknowledging it means that is lost.

10. Time is precious. Having realised that whilst I’ve achieved a lot, there really is a massive to-do list of things I want to do. Losing a parent at an young age (I was only 20 when I lost my Dad) is something that throws mortality into sharp reality and it made me realise that I won’t be here forever. I’m lucky to not have on-going health issues or anything like that but I am very aware that being the fittest and healthiest I can be is very important to me and something I’m always keen to improve.

So there are my top 10 grown up things that are now very real to me. I appreciate that I 100% sound like I’m ready to be a pensioner (I have a pension too, maybe that should be on the list?!) but it’s made me realise that I am a grown up now.

Obviously in situations when an adult is required, I will always look for someone more adult-y than me. I’m not ready for that shit yet.

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  1. LOVE this post, perfect balance between funny and poignant.

    I feel like I'm stuck between child and adult currently, I don't have a 'real' full time job but I do actually have to look after myself! I'm looking forward to getting my own place and a proper job - although I'm sure I'll moan about it once I do!

    Love the point about compliments, it's so easy to think those comments rather than say them aloud