What’s in my bag

What's in my bag

This is a pretty standard blogger tag but hey, everyone loves a cliché post now and again. I thought I’d do a post about what’s in my handbag as I’m really trying to cut down on the amount of crap I carry around with me on a day to day basis.

The Bag

I’m loving this bag right now – it’s from Laura Ashley but I don’t think it’s available at the moment. It’s a total fave that my lovely BFF Jenna got me for my birthday – she knows me so well! I love the blue colour blocking and it’s a simple, leather bag that doesn’t have zip pockets in the middle which she knows I need as it means my lunchbox for work fits in it. Priorities, right there.


Pretty standard that I’d be carrying my purse around! This one is two years old and it’s from Mulberry. I love it ridiculous amounts as it matches my Mulberry Bayswater handbag and it has enough space for cash and all of the essential cards that I use on a regular basis. Stuff like my driving license as y’know, I went into a pub and got asked for ID yesterday, despite being with someone two years younger than me who wasn’t asked. Just sayin’.

Love love love my business cards that were sent to me to try from Stress Free Print. It was quite literally stress free to order them and look how bright and colourful they are! So far there have been mixed reactions including ‘they’re so cool, I love them’, ‘where did you get them from, my business cards are so boring’, ‘they’re very fluorescent’ and my favourite reaction ‘am I meant to be able to read them, they’re making my eyes go funny’. I absolutely adore them as I think they really stand out and as they’re a bit different, people are more likely to take notice and actually say hi to me.

Vaseline and Miscellaneous lip products

Pretty sure this is a life essential. I actually finished one of those little tins once, I feel like that means I’ve achieved a life goal. But yeah, I always tend to have Vaseline in my bag as even if I don’t need it, someone else probably will.

It can’t just be me who does this with lip products though, right? Despite carrying Vaseline and a make-up bag, I normally have at least one but probably two lip products knocking around the bottom of my bag. Today I dug out two of these Revlon lip crayons – both of which are all time faves.

Make up bag

This make-up bag was a birthday present from my sister, I think it came from Not On The Highstreet. I love it as let’s face it, it’s so, so true and it’s the perfect size to chuck in some essentials.

Gym gloves and Padlock

Less of a conventional handbag product but I always keep my gloves in my bag, mainly as if I take them out, I always forget to take them to the gym with me. And when I forget them, I can’t lift as heavy and my hands rip to shreds and then I have a tendency to sulk, which is fun.

I have two padlocks for the gym, both with the same code as I keep them in separate bags so I never get stuck without one. As y’know, it’s annoying when that happens.

And the usual... 

Keys, phone, iPod - as they’re pretty much life necessities. And my keys look so cute with my dinosaur keyring.

So yeah, that’s a little roundup of what I carry with me, let me know your handbag essentials in the comments!

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