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The Victoria Quarter Leeds Filmore and Union

It really is event season for me right now! I was lucky enough to be invited to the Victoria Quarter in Leeds last week, to a health and well being event.

We started off in Filmore and Union which is easily one of the best places for food in Leeds. They’re a Yorkshire-based company (hopefully set to take over the world) and the whole focus of their menu is to provide healthy, nutritious food at a reasonable price and to cater to dietary requirements. The setting of the VQ gives it a luxury feel, as does the quality of the food – and of course the presentation is second to none.

We started with a couple of wellness shots – both of which were interesting tasting. I’m not 100% what was in them but they tasted better than the shots I’m used to (namely tequila) so that was good.

Following the shots, we had the Afternoon Tea which was, as you’d expect, delicious. I went for the gluten free version and the only differences were the type of bread and there was orange and lavender cake instead of scones. I actually think that the gluten free version was better, just because that cake was absolutely incredible!


I know a lot of my friends from back in York read my blog, so they should definitely check out Filmore and Union in York which is down Petergate and there’s also a little one in York Station too. As y’know, buying brownies for a train journey is always a good thing.

After we were stuffed full of cake, we headed to Paul Smith. I never realised that Paul Smith had a ladies-wear range so I was really excited to see what they had on offer. 

We were taken up by the store manager and he explained how the influences of the collection came from different pieces of art. The knowledge of the staff is absolutely incredible – they could all answer every question we had about the clothes. 

I had never realised exactly how hands on Paul Smith is with the brand. He’s been known to go into the stores which are local to him and help out the staff, he sources a lot of the furniture which is in the stores so that every store is different and he gets involved with training sessions at the head office.

Our day ended with a ROGA session at Sweaty Betty – something I was more than a little apprehensive about! ROGA is a workout that combines running and yoga. Yoga, I’m 100% down with, but running? Well, it’s never been my forte to say the least. But, of course, I was more than up for giving it a go!

The class was actually really fun and very much suited to beginners. The session began with some positions in the studio and the rest of the hour consisted of short runs to different parks around Leeds where we’d do some moves and then move on. It meant that we saw a fair bit of Leeds over the hour including some lovely parks that I didn’t even know existed!

If you’re interested in trying out ROGA or have any questions, get in touch with Jayne from Veggie Runners and Liz from Down Dog Days as they run the class and they’re both a fountain of knowledge! Though a lot of people may be put off by how outdoors-y that particular class is (which you shouldn’t be as it was really fun!), Sweaty Betty do a variety of classes in their studio and it’s all for free. There are actually a fair few classes going on around Leeds during the week that are free – have a look at Leeds Girl Can for details etc.

So that was my afternoon at the Victoria Quarter! Have you visited before? Or have you tried ROGA?

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