Harrogate Foodies Festival

Harrogate Foodies Festival

I was lucky enough to win some tickets to the Harrogate Foodies Festival this weekend so of course, I feel the need to share! I actually won two pairs of tickets, one from Lorna, one from Jessica, so one of my lovely work friends went yesterday and I went along today, taking Mummy Legge with me. I actually bumped into Lorna and her mum whilst we were there and it was so lovely to catch up!

When Mum and I arrived, we realised it was all outdoors and we were absolutely blessed with the weather as the sun shone all day! As I’m writing this, I’m back in Leeds and outside looks a bit like the world is coming to an end and I may well need to build an ark to get to work tomorrow. So that’s fun.

Anyway, we arrived and headed to the VIP tent for a glass of bubbly to start our day and to plan exactly what we wanted to see. We spotted a few familiar brands including Northern Bloc Icecream – if you’re from Leeds, these guys have been in Trinity Kitchen before and I think they supply the Black Swan on Call Lane. If you ever have the chance to try it, their icecream is uh-mazing and I had their raspberry and sorrel sorbet today which was perfection. And I ate it before taking a photo. Woops.

There were loads of demonstrations going on throughout the day but we decided on one all about chocolate (because, duh). A couple of chefs were there to discuss Sciolti Chocolate and how to appreciate good chocolate. I thought I was already an appreciator of chocolate but really, I’m far from it. We learnt all about how to see, smell, touch, taste and even listen to the chocolate (that’s how it sound when you snap it, rather than listening to it tell you it’s problems), and there really is a lot more to it than just eating it (at which, I am a pro).

As there were far too many stalls there to mention them all, I thought I’d share a few of my faves and then follow it up with some photo spam.

Love Brownies – I’ve seen this company at a few events now and they do the best postal service. Their brownies are so tasty and they do a gluten free version which tastes pretty much the same.

Brown and Blond – I first discovered these brownies (this list isn’t entirely brownie retailers, I promise) at The City Girls event in Leeds and I knew I had to pick some up today when I saw them. They’re mainly gluten free again which is always fabulous and taste incredible.

Edinburgh Gin – Moving on from brownies, these guys do the best gin ever. I picked up a bottle of raspberry gin, and my mum got the elderflower one – both of which will go nicely with prosecco!

Vita Coco – I bought some of their coconut oil, mainly as my entire office has been raving about it for weeks and I’m beginning to feel left out. I’ll no doubt try it and post about it sometime soon!

So there you have it, the Foodie Festival. What’s your fave? Have you tried products from any of these companies before? 

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