Body Shaming on Instagram

Body-shaming on Instagram
Yep, it’s another ranting post for a change.

You know when you just want to scream at someone for being a dick on Instagram? That happened to me this morning. I’m getting a bit sick of people posting images that body-shames anyone else to make themselves feel better.

This came up in my suggested photos this morning and it is all kinds of stupid - yet it had 900+ likes and a shitload of supportive comments.

It just makes me wonder, at what point did it become OK to post this kind of crap without thinking?

Are all ‘naturally skinny girls’ weak simply because they’ve never have had to embark on a weightloss journey? No, of course they’re not.

Trying to lose weight is hard, God knows I can speak from experience there, but that effort doesn’t put anyone on a pedestal above anyone else. Yes, it’s difficult and it gives you goals to achieve, but that doesn’t make you ‘stronger’ than someone else, just because they’ve never had to be in that situation. You just can’t compare that.

Inner strength is about your attitude, it’s about living a fulfilling life, being happy, being confident and being the best you can be. That strength doesn’t come from how hard you have to try to fit into a pair of jeans, compared to someone else.

This post also promotes being ‘skinny’ as the ultimate goal. Why? Why is it not fitness, health and happiness? Why is it not promoting confidence in yourself? You can be as skinny as you like but without doing it the right way, you’re in no better position with your health than someone who’s overweight.

Which leads me onto one final point: Imagine the amount of young girls on Instagram with eating disorders. There is so much pro-anorexia stuff on there already but this kind of post implies that losing weight is right, it will make them stronger and that they are indeed inferior to the naturally slim women whom they spend their lives comparing themselves to.

This is the kind of thing that comes up when you Google ‘Pro-ana quote’.

To a teenager with an eating disorder, those judgemental teenager girls are the 'naturally skinny girls'. The 'lucky' girls. The girls who don't hate themselves or have to try and lose weight. Yet, we go back to the original image and losing weight makes you stronger than them. See where I'm going with this?

This post has genuinely really wound me up. I know it’s one of those things that people post without thinking, but it frustrates me so much when those with accounts that gain a lot of likes are whom are clearly influencers don’t stop to think first.

Posts like this are a clear example of ‘skinny-shaming’. If it was the other way round and someone who was fat-shaming, there would be hell on, but why is it deemed acceptable to put down women because of their body shape? Oh no wait, it’s not acceptable. Putting anyone down because of their size is a massively dick move and promoting this kind of ill-informed content just fuels the fire.

What do you think of this post? Do you agree or am I massively over-reacting? Let me know in the comments?

If you're concerned that you're suffering from an eating disorder please check out Beat for help and support:


  1. My best friend and I are the two opposite scales of the spectrum, both shamed for our size. She was called Twiggy at school, and not in reference to the model and I was fat shamed. I see both sides because have seen both. Although I experienced it and still do at a far greater scale, skinny shaming exists and it does happen and it hurts. I witnessed it.

    1. That's such a sad situation for you and your friend! I think skinny-shaming gets brushed off way too regularly as we've been so conditioned into believing that 'skinny' is a positive that we forget that no one size has the monopoly on insecurity and no matter what your size, you shouldn't be shamed for it!

  2. No you are not overreacting at all, you are completely right. Thank you for writing this post. Any type of weight shaming gets me so angry. Who the hell are people to judge. People don't know others stories - so the skinny girl who is "lucky" to be skinny naturally might actually hate her body. Everyone has their insecurities, no matter their size, and I don't think anyone has the right to shame anyone. Being fit and healthy is the most important thing personally!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

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