A year of adulting.

A year of adulting
Facebook graciously reminded me that it was this time last year that I got the keys to my flat so as it’s coming up to my one year anniversary in this place I thought I’d write a post about what I’ve learned as an adult whilst living solo.

This is the first time I’ve lived alone and in the weeks leading up to the big move (I’d been living at home on my post-uni gap year), it was beginning to dawn on me that I actually going to be living all by myself for the first time and that’s a bit scary. Aside from what would happen if someone ever tried to get in or if there was a monster under my bed (nobody ever has tried to get in and me and the monster are cool) I was a bit concerned that I might get lonely.

But one week in, I realised that living alone is actually fantastic and I don’t know if I could deal with a flatmate ever again. So there’s that.

Anyway, the top 10 things I’ve learned about adulting in my first year of living by myself.

1. The market is a God-send. 5kg of chicken for £20? COME AT ME. Admittedly, the fresh fruit and veg doesn’t last that long (probs due to the lack of genetic engineering) but that’s all happy days if you go on meal prep day and plan to cook it anyway.

2. You appreciate why your mum was so keen for you to clear up before people came over as the moment anyone even mentions dropping round, suddenly you’re going to be judged on everything in sight. I’ve managed to get this down to 40mins, just sayin’.

3. Fresh flowers make the world a better place. When I popped by the market last week for a post-zumba smoothie (all the clich├ęs right there), I went looking for peonies (cue some more blogger clich├ęs) and came away with lilies as apparently the flower man on the market doesn’t appreciate that I have expectations to live up to. Jokes, lilies look just as good on Instagram and they make me feel all happy and nostalgic.

4. Scented candles also make the world a better place. I tend to have them burning a fair bit, especially in winter as in winter, everyone needs candles. They just make a place feel cozy and lived in.

5. Changing lightbulbs is like an on-going challenge. Mainly as my lights are all spotlights (ie a total bitch of a bulb) and also because there were parts of my flat that didn’t see light for about 6 weeks as I just never got round to it. Woops.

6. Making the effort with food is worth it. There may not be anyone else to see it in real life but I’m sure *cough* everyone on my Instagram feed is truly interested. As everyone love that illusion that someone is living the kale and asparagus dream. (I totes am btw).

7. It’s actually easy to fill an entire evening without needing anyone there to talk to. Since being in Leeds, I’ve spent more time reading books, writing blog posts and going to the gym on a night than I ever did back home. Who needs to be sociable?

8. Not seeing friends all of the time means when I do see them, it’s really special and we make a decent effort. Usually that effort involves brunch (my favourite meal ever).

9. When your social plans are fewer, (mainly due to the whole living in a newish city thing) you tend to make more of an effort. Which is nice as a green tea date in Costa is fully worth dressing up for.

10. If I go two weeks without visitors, my floordrobe gets to level expert. Sorry Mum.

11. ...And I can tell if it’s been too long since I went to the gym if my gym stuff actually makes it to being put away.

12. That carrier bag filled with carrier bags that everyone’s mum has? I now have one.

13. Having a really substantial store cupboard and a fridge full of nutritious food is an amazing feeling. And one I have right now as Mr Sainsburys has just dropped off my order and I’d forgotten about half the stuff I was getting. Which is a nice surprise.

14. Everyone assumes that choosing to live by yourself means you’re a crazy cat lady or you aspire to be a crazy cat lady. No fur in this flat thank you.

15. Everyone also assumes that you must be really bored all of the time. Rarely happens.

16. Takeaways are too expensive to be worth the hassle when every single Dominos offer is aimed at couples (piss off).

So there we have it, what I’ve learned whilst being an adult. Thoughts?

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