16 things since 16

16 things since 16
It’s GCSE results day this week so I thought I’d do a pretty clich├ęd post and write a list of 16 things I’ve learnt since I was 16.

The main one is not to take photos like this in restaurant toilets. I still have this dress though. And the shoes actually. Nice.

But anyway, the list.

1. Once you’ve finished a stage of your life, whether it’s GCSEs, A Levels or a Degree, everyone forgets about it. You only need to be a week or two into your first post-uni job for people to not be that fussed about what degree you did, where you did it or the grade you got. Sorry.

2. Guys will still like you when you don’t straighten your hair. Contrary to what I was told by the boy sitting next to me in year 8 science (‘Lizi, if you straightened your hair you could get a boyfriend’), GHDs aren’t a sure-fire way to meet Prince Charming.

3. WKD is the drink of the devil (if the devil was a chavvy teenager) and will simultaneously sober you up and give you a sugar headache. Likewise Smirnoff Ice, Bacardi Breezers and every other alcopop. All these teenagers who are doing their underage drinking on fruit cider don’t know they’re born.

4. Learning your limits with alcohol is a life lesson everyone needs. It’s also one that made me a fun drunk rather than an aggressive bitch.

5. People will still be dicks on the internet. Whether it’s the ‘most hated girl in 10B’ poll on Bebo (that I wasn’t even winning, God guys) or people slagging you off on Twitter, it happens. Except when you’re 16 it might make you cry, now, it’ll make you retweet it.

6. Learning to drive is a pretty useful experience, even if you do it for the wrong reasons. Such as your mum promising to pay for the piercing she doesn’t want you to get when you pass your test. (Top of my ear before anyone makes any wild assumptions).

7. The local pub you hung out in when you were 17, and in my case drinking diet coke as they knew we were all underage, will become that place full of nostalgia for the amazing evenings you had in there putting the world to rights.

8. The days you see your A Level teachers in said local, taints it forever.

9. Having a part time job teaches you life skills. It shows you have a work ethic, can manage your time and especially if it’s retail, take a certain degree of shit without walking out. And that’s not just from customers.

10. The best advice your mum can give you is to not overpluck your eyebrows. It’s a shame my 16 year old self didn’t listen.

11. There is no better invention than the forward facing camera. Photos in the mirror with a dodgy flash? Nah. Upping your selfie game with a few filters and some contouring? All over that shit.

12. A Level results day is enough to make anyone a nervous wreck and to this day, I’ve never forgotten how I felt.

13. University can seriously change you as a person. As much as there’s a generalisation that all students do is drink and eat baked beans, it’s pretty much forgotten that you’re essentially putting a load of young people together who in the most instances have never lived away from home. Throw in a significant amount of pressure to have the time of your life, come out with a decent grade and not starve, well, it’s character building.

14. Fitting in, keeping up with everyone else and being a sheep all become things of the past. At 16, it’s the most important thing in the world yet at 23, it’s about finding out who you actually want to be.

15. Being educated on the important things in life should be a priority, likewise, voting at every opportunity should never even be questioned.

16. Adulting is hard work. For all of the times where you sit back and reflect on what you’ve achieved since the age of 16, it’s still shit every time you have to pay your electricity bill.

So, what have you learnt since you were 16? Let me know in the comments!

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