Why Jo Malone is amazing.

Jo Malone Leeds Victoria Quarter Shopping Event
Like I even need to try and convince anyone.

I went to a customer event at Jo Malone this week and it was such a fantastic experience. I must admit, all I really knew about Jo Malone before I went was that the candles are pretty fabulous (and come with a pretty fabulous price tag) and the fragrances are pretty sought-after as they’re often duped on the highstreet.

I’m now converted. Going to Jo Malone’s customer event for the launch of their ‘A Moment for You’ campaign really educated me about their products. They have brought out two new products, a shower oil and a body scrub. The shower oil comes in three scents, Energising Lime, Basil and Mandarin, Refreshing Blackberry and Bay and Calming Peony and Blush Suede.

At the event, we were treated to a British sparkling wine (that tasted like a nicer version of champagne) and nibbles from Filmore and Union

This was a lovely way to start the evening as Jessica (who you can have a stalk of here) and I browsed the ranges and pretty much fell in love with every product we looked at. We were even treated to Jo Malone hair bands that we both loved as they looked so cute!

We then had a talk and watched a demonstration of the new products by the Jo Malone staff. They talked us through how to apply the products Рthe new Walnut and Geranium scrub should be applied to dry skin and a little really does go a long way! This is followed by the shower oil which truly cleanses the skin as it contains sunflower seed and sweet almond oils. The oil comes in the three fragrances listed above. Following the cleanse, a body cr̬me of the same fragrance was applied and then followed by a spritz of the fragrance.

After the demonstration, we watched how the Filmore and Union staff made their juices. They are literally all pure fruit and veg which is really cool. Personally, juicing doesn’t do it for me as a regular thing (juicing fruit actually increases it’s calorie content) but as a treat, I love the stuff! The one we tried was cucumber-heavy which I personally love. We were lucky enough to have a bottle in our goody-bags too!

On the night I had a mini hand and arm massage treatment then got booked in for the full treatment which I went for today. I chose the ‘Refreshing’ fragrance of Blackberry and Bay which I adore. It smells like a fruity cocktail! I had my arms scrubbed, cleansed and moisturised and I left feeling so relaxed. I feel terrible that I can’t remember the name of the lady who looked after me as she did my mini-treatment on the night and my full one today and she was amazing! It’s so lovely to get chance to chat to the staff at an event like that.

I still can’t believe what a fantastic event they put on for their customers but I will definitely be attending again. I haven’t made a purchase yet but I think an end of month treat will definitely be in order – I would love a bottle of the Blackberry and Bay or a big bottle of the Lime Basil and Mandarin fragrance, so they is on my list!

Thank you Jo Malone, Filmore and Union and the Victoria Quarter for putting on such an incredible night, we had a fantastic time and Jessica and I will most certainly be back. 


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  2. I've actually never heard of the before but it looks great!


    1. They're in the VQ, have a look in when you're next in Leeds, it's so lovely :) xx