Why jewellery tells a story.

When Jewellery tells a story

I recently saw that Joshua James were on the lookout for people to share the stories behind their charm bracelets and it really got me thinking about what my jewellery means to me.

Jewellery holds different meanings to us all. It can be anything from the deeply sentimental through to pieces from Topshop which are there to simply enhance an outfit. Like a lot of women my age, I have a mixture of the two.

In terms of being sentimental, there are a few bits that really stand out for me and I thought I’d share them and their stories on my blog as y’know, everyone loves pretty things.

This Ring.

This is possibly the most precious piece of jewellery to me. It’s a gold band with sapphires and diamonds and I was given it on my 21st birthday (after having it made bigger as I have chubby fingers!). This ring was actually chosen by my dad and given to my mum when I was born. He’d done the same for my older sister too and we were both given them on our 21st birthdays. As my dad passed away unexpectedly in the September before I turned 21, it was so special to me that I was given something that was chosen by him.

This Bracelet.

This is a pretty new addition to my jewellery collection but I absolutely love it because my mum, sister and I all have a matching one with our initials on it. They came from Not on the Highstreet and my sister and I bought them for ourselves and our mum for Christmas last year. We all wear them all the time and everyone always compliments them as they’re a bit unusual.

This Necklace.

Yes, I know, it’s nothing new to have a silver heart tag from Tiffany as they’re pretty mass-produced! I bought this as my first piece of significant jewellery when I was 18 and on my first trip to New York. It’s now 5 years old, needs a bit of a clean but I still wear it on a regular basis as I just love it. It holds a lot of memories of a fantastic time in New York and has seen me through university.

These Charm Bracelets.

I was given my Links of London sweetie bracelet a few years ago for Christmas from my parents and it’s definitely a favourite. Instead of getting official charms for it, I only have two. One is the Hand of Fatima and came from a bracelet that a friend brought me back from Morocco (which I broke really quickly and just kept the charm... oops. The other charm came from a ‘Best Friends’ charm bracelet that my friend Hazel bought me back when we were in university. Though it’s now pretty tarnished, it wouldn’t seem right not having it on there!

Unlike most people who get bought a Pandora bracelet, I bought mine for myself - I was eternally single and just wanted one! My first charm was the elephant but I’ve since built up a collection of those that have been given to me to mark special occasions and those that I do just like or think are pretty.

So that’s a little insight into my jewellery collection and I’d love to hear about your special pieces in the comments!

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